Thank you.

Thank you for taking the time to look at our week on this amazing blog.
We have enjoyed sharing our news with you and look forward to reading it over the coming weeks.
From Mrs Young and the children at Nightingale First School.

Elderflower Cordial.

Today we have been making Elderflower cordial.
First we had to clean the elderflower,it had some bugs in it and we don’t want to eat them!
Then we put it in a bowl.
We chopped up some lemon.We had to be carful because the knife was very sharp.We had an adult helping us.
Next we went into the staff room and put some flower in a bowl.We had to use scales for this.We have been learning to weigh things in maths so we were all very good at it.
We added some suger too.
Our teacher put some very hot water over it and cooked it until the suger had gone.
Now we need to wait until it is nice and tasty.We hope to try some on Monday.
Liam and Layla

More Dinosaurs!

After their very eventful trip to the Dinosaur Park the reception children have been drawing dinosaurs on the computer using 2paint.

This is my ‘Siennasaurus’ it is only going to eat leaves,she is a very friendly dinosaur.She likes having her tail brushed and is ticklish.She likes to have cuddles.
By sienna

My dinosaur is called a Hughdactyl. He eats plants and berries. He is friendly.He likes to play with cars and he has lots of friends.He puts gel on his spikes to look cool.
By Hugh

This is my Williamrapter.He is a scary dinosaur.He likes to eat leave,he likes the green leaves.He likes running but is not very fast.
By William.

Year 1 trip to Sheringham Park.

Yesterday we went on trip to Sheringham Park. Once again we were very lucky to have sunshine. We were looking forward to walking through the beautiful woods and pond dipping to see what was living under the water.








We went up the tower. Then we made a camp fire. Then we had a yummy lunch.
we went pond dipping after lunch and found lots of tadpoles and newts.The water looked green and slimy.
By Olivia and Mia aged 6

We went up a touer we sor mil a waiy.
we made pichis wot of logs and stons.
we went on a yellow bus.I wos ferey tiyod.
by jack aged 6

Art and nature.

In year 1 we are learning about the British artist Andy Goldsworthy.
His artwork is created using natural materials such as leaves, rock, twigs and more.
We decided to have a go at recreating some of his brilliant pieces of art.
What do you think?

Ben explained how along with his friends they created this wonderful piece of art.
“we collected some pinecones from our forest area and put them in a box.Next we very put the cones in a circle,we had to be careful because they kept moving.With our hands we made a circle in the middle.I enjoyed doing this because I like learning outdoors”
Here is some more of their art.Can you tell which is theirs and which is the original?

A new school

This afternoon the year 2 children are going to have a special assembly at their new school,the junior school. It is all very exciting. Some of them have a brother or sister there but for many it will be very new. A few of them are going to other new schools.
Here are some of their thoughts about the move.

I am going to a different school to my friends so I will make lots of new friends. I have been for a visit and met my new teacher,she is very nice. At my new school I will learn to play different instruments,I would like to play the clarenet.I am so excited about my new school that I could blast off to another universe.That is how excited I am.
By Alex

I am a little bit excited and a little bit worried to be going to my new school.I am pleased my friends will be there but I will make lots of new friends too.There is lots of instruments at the new school and I’m excited about the drums because I want to be a rock star when i’m older.
By Henry

I have some friends at the junior school already so I am excited to go and see them.The school is much bigger and that makes me feel a little bit scared.I am looking forward to using the apple computers they have there and learning new things.
By Samuel.

I am really really happy to be going to my new school this afternoon.I think the work is going to be harder and I am looking forward to learning more.I am looking forward to learning about the Egyptians.I know my teacher will be a nice happy person because they are all nice.
By Ellie

My brother is already at the junior school so I know it is a really nice school.I am looking forward to doing different sports there. There is a really big trim trail on the field and I am looking forward to playing on that with my friends.
By Evie

A day with dinosaurs.

Last week the Reception children went to the Dinosaur Park. It was a beautiful sunny day, so, with sun hats and shades they boarded the coach and set off for a day of fun.

There were many different activities and by splitting into groups they all set off to explore the prehistoric delights.

They became archaeologists and discovered ancient bones

Greek Olympic Poem by Toyah

Toyah shared this poem today ans wanted to share it with all of you on Pass the Blog…















Music and Art of the Week

Most weeks on our class website, we have a ‘Music and Art of the Week’ feature- this started off as an ‘experiment’ last year and was so popular with the children and their families that we have continued it!

Each week, a child chooses a piece of music and and piece of art

Movie Trailer – Team HSM Investigates…

Well after the toxic spillage today in the school playground (just a pretend one!), we decided to create a movie! We spent the morning planning out the storyline, then we wrote the script. By the afternoon it was time to get the cameras rolling, so we went out to film! A huge thanks to Sammy A for being a fantastic cameraman!

Here’s the trailer for our movie…


Team HSM Investigates… The Toxic Robot from Ash Class on Vimeo.

A very odd day in Shrewsbury!

The spillage of the Feeder Lings virus!

We arrived in school this morning to find this on the top playground! It appeared to be some sort of chemical spillage! The children went straight into an assembly with Mr Morris, who told us that it contained the Feeder Lings virus, which was developed to treat asthma, but had somehow crashed onto our playground. We were told that the virus was very minor, but we should look out for anything strange in school. Some of the children quickly noticed that Mr Smith has some green spots on his nose!

When the children returned to class, we quickly decided that we’d like to do some projects to do with the incident – we have had groups working on presentations, comics, safety information leaflets and even a disaster movie! Stay tuned for this fantastic work to appear here tomorrow!

Mr K 🙂

Strange goings on at Greenfields…

We arrived in school today to find this on the top playground – very odd! More details when we get them!