4 thoughts on “The Diamond Jubilee Party

  1. What an exciting time it must be in England at the moment. You have so many things happening this year! Thankyou for sharing some of the things you have been doing.

    Love from Mrs G (in Australia)

  2. This looks very like the jubilee party in my street – or nearby village hall where it relocated to. Great images, so much colour.

    Mrs Cunningham

  3. Well what a party and it certainly looked fit for a Queen! I was a bit confused about how to see the pictures but worked it out in the end. Thank you for sharing! Is there any cake left?!!

  4. Hello Green Park,

    I’ve had the “Pass the Blog” blog marked for visiting for some time now and have finally been able to start visiting some of the posts. You Diamond Jubilee party looks like it was a great deal of fun. It’s hard to believe the celebrations are now over, including the Queen’s birthday. Did you know towards the end of 2015, Her Majesty will become the longest serving monarch in history as she surpasses the reign of Queen Victoria? What a remarkable record. 🙂

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

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