9 thoughts on “The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee by Harry, Kieran and Lewis using Google Apps

  1. Wow boys looks like you worked really hard and have put together an excellent presentation on the Royal Jubille. I like the balence between pictures and text. Where did you find all your facts from?
    A fantastic start to pass the blog!

  2. Boys, this is a super presentation about the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. I have known for some time the Queen loves corgis but I did not know their names, so you have taught me something new. I also like your choice of photos which work very well alongside the text. Well done once again!

  3. Great corgi facts and who would have known she was a West Ham fan! (I suppose somebody has to be…..!!!!!) I really enjoyed reading it! Well done!

  4. Did you enjoy the jubilee boys? I did. I also liked the film that the Queen took herself that showed the corgis. She certainly likes them I think!

  5. Hello Harry, Kieran and Lewis,

    You were able to find some interesting facts about the Queen. Wasn’t it sad when the Queen’s husband, Prince Philip, wasn’t able to be with her during some the Jubilee events? It’s good to see he is now well again. 🙂

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

  6. Wow! Looks like you guys work hard on that presentation, I learnt all about the queen because before I saw your slideshow I knew nothing much about the queen but now I know a lot more. Well done!
    Regards Elli

  7. Hi everyone I found it really interesting that the queen has been in power for 60 years and has so many houses. I think what you reaserched is amazing and has encouraged me to learn more about it. Good job.

  8. Hi my name is Dean,
    I thought that the royal family is not allowed to support a sporting team? (Of course there allowed to support Great Britain)

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