6 thoughts on “Libby and Sarah and their Google Apps Presentation about Dogs

  1. Oh, I loved this slideshow, I too love dogs. I have an Irish Wolfhound called Briagh, she is seven and is as big as a small pony, but scared of her own shadow!
    I loved the way your images slid into shot and the great use of colour.

    Well done

    Mrs Cunningham

  2. Hello Libby and Sarah,

    Stanley is a very cute dog even now he has grown. Dogs are wonderful companions and become part of a our families when we take them in.

    Libby, the Welsh Terriers are nice looking dogs. I can see by your slideshow you like terriers in general. My favourite terrier would have to be what you called the Australia terrier, although I call them silky terriers. 🙂

    Teacher, NSW, Australa

  3. WOW!!!! Your presentation blew me away. I can see you put a lot of work and information in to this presentation. Your presentation extended my thinking so much. I now know about all different types of dogs for example welsh terriers, Yorkshire terriers, schnauzer, Australian terriers and jack Russel terriers. I didn

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