4 thoughts on “Footy on the Blog

  1. Hello my name is James and I’m in Year 3 in Chester le Street. I love your presentation and my favourite team is Liverpool too but i also like Barcelona, Real Madrid and AC Milan. My favourite player is Luis Suarez. I thinks its cool that you get to do presentations about footy is class. Sometimes i go to watch Liverpool with my Dad and Mr Rafferty. Hes very cool 😉

  2. I can see by the post, you are footy fans. From where I sit at this computer, I look out towards a sports field. It has three soccer fields, two cricket pitches, a skateboard area and an Australian Rules Football field. Most weekends there are people in the park having fun.

    Teacher NSW, Australia

  3. Hi great presentation guys, I am a football fan but I call it soccer. I am from Melbourne, Australia. I go for Chelsea and I follow EPL, Serie A, La Liga, Champions League, A League (Australia) and the World Cup.
    We have another code of football called AFL in Australia. We have a league of 18 teams with a “top 8 finals system. In your football there are no finals. The “footy” ball is oval shaped. I go for Carlton FC. There are no yellow or red cards but there is a suspension system. If you would like to inquire more on AFL go to http://www.afl.com.au/.
    Hope you learn a lot from my comment.

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