Welcome to Ash Class!

This is us on pyjama day!

Hello and welcome to our week on Pass the Blog! We’re really excited to get involved as we’ve become a bit addicted to this year – our class blog is www.ashclassgreenfields.blogspot.com

We are a Year Five class from Greenfields Primary School in Shrewsbury, England – one of our pupils has written a profile of our school so that you can get to know us a bit better – here’s Chloe’s report!

Greenfields Primary School is a school in England. It is in Shrewsbury Shropshire. The address for Greenfields Primary School is:
Greenfields Primary School
Hemsworth Way
Shrewsbury Shropshire

The classes in Greenfields School are big sizes and small sizes. The names of the classes are tree names like Ash, Holly, Maple etc, etc…
Nursery is the only class which hasn’t got a tree name, because there name is Nursery. There are over 300 children in our school. The classes are around about the same size but

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Ash Class!

  1. I am very envious that you got to go to school in your pyjamas! Sometimes I can’t be bothered to get dressed in the mornings and I really hate ironing (I don’t do it very often). I wonder if my headteacher will let me come to school in my PJs! If I brought my duvet in I could have a little nap at lunch time too 😉

    This is a great blog post Chloe, well done.

    From Miss BB

  2. Hello Year 5,

    Chloe’s school profile is packed with interesting information about the school, its staff and students. All of the schools I’ve taught in Australia have had school uniforms. The last school where I was a full time teacher had around 420 primary school students. The largest school had nearly 1000 primary students while the smallest had only 12 (I was the only teacher in the tiny school).

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

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