A very odd day in Shrewsbury!

The spillage of the Feeder Lings virus!

We arrived in school this morning to find this on the top playground! It appeared to be some sort of chemical spillage! The children went straight into an assembly with Mr Morris, who told us that it contained the Feeder Lings virus, which was developed to treat asthma, but had somehow crashed onto our playground. We were told that the virus was very minor, but we should look out for anything strange in school. Some of the children quickly noticed that Mr Smith has some green spots on his nose!

When the children returned to class, we quickly decided that we’d like to do some projects to do with the incident – we have had groups working on presentations, comics, safety information leaflets and even a disaster movie! Stay tuned for this fantastic work to appear here tomorrow!

Mr K 🙂

3 thoughts on “A very odd day in Shrewsbury!

  1. Oh dear! I do hope poor Mr Smith is ok! Green spots? That sounds terrible! I think safety information leaflets will come in very handy in case it happens anywhere else. I can’t wait to see them!

  2. Mr Smith had green spots on his nose? This seems potentially serious. Could it have been a strain of Shrek virus? I know Shrek was green. I think this discovery would have been the beginning of a day of fun. 🙂

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

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