Oh Ellie- Part 2 – by Emilea.

Our very first post on Pass The Blog was the first past of ‘Oh Ellie’ a story Emilea had written. 

Emilea has just written the second installment in her story, so we thought this would make a good ‘last post’ from Woodlands.

Thanks for hosting us Pass The Blog 🙂 

Mr Handley and 4H 🙂

OH ELLIE- Part 2

The cloud

They couldn’t quite believe what they had heard, the mysterious voice had whispered…

“to find Ellie you must solve my riddle

Ellie is a cheerful girl

She doesn’t like muck but she loves paint

I have hidden her in a room where you paint, draw and sketch

She is in a three angled place think of your 3d shapes and you have solved my riddle”

“let’s think she is in room that you can paint, draw and sketch” Emilea questioned ”where could she be?”

“IN THE ART ROOM!!!!”Exclaimed Bradley

“Now is for the tricky part” said Toyah

“think of a shape that is 3D? What could be that 3d shape?”

“A CUBE!” Jack shouted rudely

“yes jack but there isn’t a cube in the art room is there now?” answered Emilea

“no there isn’t but there is a corner!!!!”whispered Ethan to Emilea

“that’s’ a great idea Ethan!” shouted Emilea at the top of her voice”

Art room here we come

“we have solved the riddle!!!!!!!”shouted everyone

They dashed off to the art room as quick as lightning

Emilea slammed the door open and shouted” Ellie are you in here!”

Then all of a sudden a gust of wind circled their feet then the cloud came back and said

“well done you solved my riddle but can you put up with this?”at that moment he opened the cupboard with a gust of wind and pulled Ellie out chucked her out into the sun and landed in the thorn bush!

“NOOOOO” Screamed Emilea as she collapsed to the floor.

Toyah and Emma rushed to her and tried to pull Emilea up but she would not move.

Ellie had had a nice soft landing although no one knew. Somehow the thorns had managed to cut the rope that she was tied up in.

Bradley, Jack and Ethan ran through the library through the door and outside .

To their amazement Ellie had just walked out of the bush with lots’ of scratches

“I can handle myself thanks boys…”

But Emilea was still left on the floor…

to be continued …[but that’ll be over on our class website :)]

2 thoughts on “Oh Ellie- Part 2 – by Emilea.

  1. What a truly wonderful story Emilea, you had me hooked all the way through. What clever writing from you, using a riddle like that to keep the reader wanting to read on. Super dialogue too. I could almost imagine the characters having the conversation right in front of me…a super brain movie!
    One little tip for you – I can see that you do know the rules for speech as you used them correctly most of the time. Can you spot where you have forgotten to use a capital letter at the start of speech and fill in some missing punctuation too? I bet you can, can’t you?
    I look forward to reading the rest of the story on your class blog; although, I hope you do not keep your audience waiting too long. Good luck and thank you for you lovely writing.
    Mrs Duxbury

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