2 thoughts on “Oh Ellie- Part 2 – by Emilea.

  1. What a truly wonderful story Emilea, you had me hooked all the way through. What clever writing from you, using a riddle like that to keep the reader wanting to read on. Super dialogue too. I could almost imagine the characters having the conversation right in front of me…a super brain movie!
    One little tip for you – I can see that you do know the rules for speech as you used them correctly most of the time. Can you spot where you have forgotten to use a capital letter at the start of speech and fill in some missing punctuation too? I bet you can, can’t you?
    I look forward to reading the rest of the story on your class blog; although, I hope you do not keep your audience waiting too long. Good luck and thank you for you lovely writing.
    Mrs Duxbury

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