A day with dinosaurs.

Last week the Reception children went to the Dinosaur Park. It was a beautiful sunny day, so, with sun hats and shades they boarded the coach and set off for a day of fun.

There were many different activities and by splitting into groups they all set off to explore the prehistoric delights.

They became archaeologists and discovered ancient bones…..

Jasmine (5) said “With a brush I had to sweep the sand away and I found a bone,it was amazing,I think it was a very big head bone.I think it belonged to a gigantic dinosaur and I think it was very scary”

Some of them were nearly eaten….

Angel (5) said “This naughty dinosaur tried to eat me. He stomped on my foot.It was giant and his colours were green and blue.I wasnt scared because I am very brave but it did scare my friend Luka.

They went looking for dinosaurs…..


Andrew (5) said “We went into the woods and there was a T-Rex and his face and claws were really, really scary and it was like AGHHHH!!. My eyes had to be everywhere because there were dinosaurs on the ground and in the air,some were little and hiding in the bushes and they were very noisy”.


   Erm….I’m not sure they are meant to be here!!!



Here are some more photos of their great day out.

4 thoughts on “A day with dinosaurs.

  1. It looks like you had a great day! Where is the Dinosaur park? I would love to go with my class and have a go at being an archaeologist. I love the photos – you were very brave to stand in the mouth of a dinosaur! Do you know the names of any dinosaurs?

    Mr Brown
    Moorfield Primary School

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