A new school

This afternoon the year 2 children are going to have a special assembly at their new school,the junior school. It is all very exciting. Some of them have a brother or sister there but for many it will be very new. A few of them are going to other new schools.
Here are some of their thoughts about the move.

I am going to a different school to my friends so I will make lots of new friends. I have been for a visit and met my new teacher,she is very nice. At my new school I will learn to play different instruments,I would like to play the clarenet.I am so excited about my new school that I could blast off to another universe.That is how excited I am.
By Alex

I am a little bit excited and a little bit worried to be going to my new school.I am pleased my friends will be there but I will make lots of new friends too.There is lots of instruments at the new school and I’m excited about the drums because I want to be a rock star when i’m older.
By Henry

I have some friends at the junior school already so I am excited to go and see them.The school is much bigger and that makes me feel a little bit scared.I am looking forward to using the apple computers they have there and learning new things.
By Samuel.

I am really really happy to be going to my new school this afternoon.I think the work is going to be harder and I am looking forward to learning more.I am looking forward to learning about the Egyptians.I know my teacher will be a nice happy person because they are all nice.
By Ellie

My brother is already at the junior school so I know it is a really nice school.I am looking forward to doing different sports there. There is a really big trim trail on the field and I am looking forward to playing on that with my friends.
By Evie

One thought on “A new school

  1. I hope you had a great time at your new school!
    I taught when I was training to be a teacher (just over 2 years ago!) at the new school which most of you will be going to, and think it’s a great school 🙂 It’s fantastic that lots of you are looking forward to the apple macs (how lovely are they!) and to the sport and music-both of which are amazing at your new school 🙂

    I hope you enjoy your last few weeks at Nightingale before you become year 3 🙂

    Mr Handley

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