Elderflower Cordial.

Today we have been making Elderflower cordial.
First we had to clean the elderflower,it had some bugs in it and we don’t want to eat them!
Then we put it in a bowl.
We chopped up some lemon.We had to be carful because the knife was very sharp.We had an adult helping us.
Next we went into the staff room and put some flower in a bowl.We had to use scales for this.We have been learning to weigh things in maths so we were all very good at it.
We added some suger too.
Our teacher put some very hot water over it and cooked it until the suger had gone.
Now we need to wait until it is nice and tasty.We hope to try some on Monday.
Liam and Layla

2 thoughts on “Elderflower Cordial.

  1. Thanks for a lovely post telling us about your Elidflower Cordial- It sounds like you had lots of fun!
    Mr Handley

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