Our morning puzzle!

This morning the used one of the puzzles from the www.7puzzleblog.com website – the children really enjoyed it and some managed to get the right answer!

Welcome to Ash Class!

This is us on pyjama day!

Hello and welcome to our week on Pass the Blog! We’re really excited to get involved as we’ve become a bit addicted to this year – our class blog is www.ashclassgreenfields.blogspot.com

We are a Year Five class from Greenfields Primary School in Shrewsbury, England – one of our pupils has written a profile of our school so that you can get to know us a bit better – here’s Chloe’s report!

Greenfields Primary School is a school in England. It is in Shrewsbury Shropshire. The address for Greenfields Primary School is:
Greenfields Primary School
Hemsworth Way
Shrewsbury Shropshire

The classes in Greenfields School are big sizes and small sizes. The names of the classes are tree names like Ash, Holly, Maple etc, etc…
Nursery is the only class which hasn’t got a tree name, because there name is Nursery. There are over 300 children in our school. The classes are around about the same size but


My own class is Y4. We all do lots of blogging and lots of other stuff as well. Today everyone in Y4 and Y5 got an email reminder about Pass the Blog using the school’s Google Apps account. Heidi has already replied so keep a look out for her Google presentation about the Diamond Jubilee.

Green Park School

We are really excited to be starting the “Pass the Blog” Project. Although it is our half term holiday we will do our best to tell all about our adventures in and out of school.

Our school is in Maghull, which is near Liverpool in the United Kingdom. Last week the Olympic Torch came close by and 32 lucky children were chosen to watch at Crosby Beach and take part in an official World Record by being part of the biggest human Olympic Rings!

The Olympic Torch and the World Record on PhotoPeach

Keep in touch with our blogging on “Pass the Blog” and we would love you to spend a little time looking through our class blogs.