Our morning puzzle!

This morning the used one of the puzzles from the www.7puzzleblog.com website – the children really enjoyed it and some managed to get the right answer!

An exciting trip to Blackpool!

I loved the trip to Blackpool. We went to Blackpool for my birthday 2011: me, mum and dad. We stayed in the best hotel in Blackpool. The big blue hotel it has 200 rooms and 3 levels – we were on the top. The window in our room was next to rides so I did not get to sleep. Now the next morning we went  to the, Pleasure Beach – the best ride was the Spongebob  and the big coca cola ride – it was scary. Then later that day we went to  Madame Tussaud’s – we met lots of  great footballers and big brother stars. By the end the day was over and we headed for food – yum yum pizza hut!  Then it was time to go home – I love Blackpool !!!

Callum’s report on England vs France!

Here’s Callum’s excellent report on the England vs France match at Euro 2012 in the Ukraine this evening – great work, Callum!

Monday 11th June 2012 5pm Kick off
10mins into the game – Nasri belted a powerful shot, which just went wide.
14mins into it – A sweet pass by Ashley Young through to Milner, who rounded the keeper and missed an open goal!
1 minute later – Amazing shot by Cabaye- Great save by Joe Hart (former Shrewsbury player).

Before the goal…

29mins into the game- Gooooaaaaaallllllllll!!!! Nice header by Lescott.

Reaction after the goal…

In the 34th minute- Nasri crosses the ball into the box, Diarra had a chance to level the scores up, he put a powerful header on target which Joe Hart saved acrobatically. It was then turned back towards the England net by Ribery. The French midfielder Diarra had another header which went down into the ground but thankfully wide of the goal.
38mins into the game – Nasri scored with an excellent strike from outside the box!!

HALF TIME England 1 – 1 France

Midway through the second half, Benzema tries a long shot but it does not trouble Joe Hart.
Later on, Johnson cuts inside but his shot is blasted high over the French goal.
76mins Sub: Chamberlain off for Defoe
77mins Sub: Parker off and Henderson on
FULL TIME  England 1 – 1 France

So England drew opening Euro 2012 match against the mighty French, who extended their unbeaten run to 22 games. Now we hope for an even better result when we take on Sweden on Friday night at 7.45pm.

COME ON ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Welcome to Ash Class!

This is us on pyjama day!

Hello and welcome to our week on Pass the Blog! We’re really excited to get involved as we’ve become a bit addicted to this year – our class blog is www.ashclassgreenfields.blogspot.com

We are a Year Five class from Greenfields Primary School in Shrewsbury, England – one of our pupils has written a profile of our school so that you can get to know us a bit better – here’s Chloe’s report!

Greenfields Primary School is a school in England. It is in Shrewsbury Shropshire. The address for Greenfields Primary School is:
Greenfields Primary School
Hemsworth Way
Shrewsbury Shropshire

The classes in Greenfields School are big sizes and small sizes. The names of the classes are tree names like Ash, Holly, Maple etc, etc…
Nursery is the only class which hasn’t got a tree name, because there name is Nursery. There are over 300 children in our school. The classes are around about the same size but  KS2 are slightly bigger.

Head Teacher:
The Head Teacher in Greenfields School is called Mr Morris. He comes into different classes sometimes to see what each class is doing. We also have a Deputy Head who teaches a year 6 class.

Deputy Head:
The Deputy Head in Greenfields School is called Mrs Prior. She teaches a year 6 class. Her classes name is Maple. She acts like the Head Teacher if our real Head Teacher isn’t in school.

At Greenfields School we go on a lot of trips. If you are in year 5 you go to Borth for 3 days, you do loads of activities. If you are in year 6 you will got to Manor for 5 days, you also do loads of activities there. Sometimes you go on trips as a class. Sometimes we separate years and all of KS1 go together and all of KS2 go together.

For the girls the jumpers are red with the Greenfields badge on the side of it. The skirts can be grey or black and the tights can also be grey or black. Shoes are mostly black. You can bring trains to wear for playtime.
For the boys the jumpers are red and has the Greenfields badge on it. The trousers are mostly black, but you can wear grey ones to. You can also wear black or grey shorts in the summer. Shoes are also mostly black and you can bring in trainers to wear at playtime.
The PE kits at Greenfields are mostly like all the others. The tops are white or black and the shorts or trousers are mostly black. Because our PE coaches are Crossbar Managers, you can buy Crossbar jumpers and Crossbar tops. Trainers can be any type except for football boots with studs.

So now you are pretty much ready to join us here at Greenfields! Thanks Chloe!

Bob’s evacuee adventure by Grace M

Last week on Friday, one of our school dinner ladies Mrs. Jones’ dad came into school to talk about his evacuee adventure. His name was Robert Blundell but he  told us all to call him Mr. Bob. And this is how is evacuee adventure started,

One day sometime in 1940 Bob Blundell was sat in his classroom when his teacher told him that everyone would have to be evacuated. They had to take a letter home to there parents and they would have to sign it for permission to get out of whatever big city they where living in.

Then a few days later they would have to go to the train station and and wait for a train to come and collect them and take them to who knows where. He got on the train whilst his mother waved him off crying her eyes out but he didn’t cry, well he tried not to anyway, because he was eleven. Soon the train started puffing with smoke because it was a steam train and started puffing down the train line to somewhere where he wouldn’t know where he was going!

Eventually, after being on the train for a long time, the train stopped chugging and it stopped in the middle of a train station, this was Bob’s stop. He jumped of the train with a lot of other children and where taken to a village hall, they where all in Shropshire. When they arrived in the hall that was when lots of adults came in and started choosing there children to take home. Bob was there waiting for a long time until a farmer come in and said ” Would you like to come home with me, sonny? “. ” Yes please ” replied Bob. So he took him to his car back to his farm. When they arrived he asked Bob what is name was. Bob replied that his name was Robert but he could call him Bob. Then Mr. Powell said ” We have a Bob on our farm so we will stick to your name being Robert “. He took me inside to meet Mrs. Powell. They where both very nice to him on the farm and they had no other children.

Bob had a very nice life in Shropshire he made lots of new friends in school. He had never saw some things that he actually saw on the farm it would of been like seeing a famous celebrity in there time. The farm had two shire horses and there names where Captain and Molly, Molly was a brown horse with a black patch on his eye and Captain was just a beautiful black horse. Bob would ride them everywhere, he would take them to the blacksmiths to get new shoes, he would ride them to and from school and he would have a fantastic time.

Until one day when Bob’s mum got a letter to say that he could be sent to his auntie’s who lived in California. So he was sent from Shropshire to Liverpool and then had to get on a boat and sail to California. But then the news was spread that the previous boat was bombed by a German submarine and 100 children where killed on the boat. So Bob’s mum would not let him go so he asked Mr and Mrs. Powell if they would like to have him so he was sent back to Shropshire and then was sent on a coach back to the farm. He was very happy to be back with them on the farm and planned to have a better life until the war ended.



My own class is Y4. We all do lots of blogging and lots of other stuff as well. Today everyone in Y4 and Y5 got an email reminder about Pass the Blog using the school’s Google Apps account. Heidi has already replied so keep a look out for her Google presentation about the Diamond Jubilee.

Green Park School

We are really excited to be starting the “Pass the Blog” Project. Although it is our half term holiday we will do our best to tell all about our adventures in and out of school.

Our school is in Maghull, which is near Liverpool in the United Kingdom. Last week the Olympic Torch came close by and 32 lucky children were chosen to watch at Crosby Beach and take part in an official World Record by being part of the biggest human Olympic Rings!

The Olympic Torch and the World Record on PhotoPeach

Keep in touch with our blogging on “Pass the Blog” and we would love you to spend a little time looking through our class blogs.