Bottle Bivy Build

We have been working with a group of teachers around New Zealand to build a bottle bivy. You can check it out on the Bottle Bivy Build Blog or our class blog.
When we got to school on Monday the bivy had collapsed again. We do not know why? Maybe we didn’t have it balanced correctly, maybe the glue gets brittle in the cold over the weekend?
Today Zack’s dad came for a visit. He works for Ullrich Aluminium and he is very clever. He is going to help us with a framework to start all over again. We think it will be even better this time. What do you think?

8 thoughts on “Bottle Bivy Build

  1. I wasn’t sure what a bivvy was but having visited the blog it looks like an igloo. I do hope Zack’s dad can help!

  2. I am so disappointed about the bottle bivy falling down. We put our hard work into it but it is good we will fix it and not give up

  3. I was shocked to find the bottle bivy down again. I wonder if Zacks dad will be able to help? Hopefully he will be able too.

  4. Please keep us posted as to whether Zack’s dad was able to help! Even if he isn’t, I cold see you guys put a lot of work into this! Great job! And don’t worry, problem-solving is always a good thing.

  5. Hello everyone,

    Your bottle bivy looks interesting and I think the frame is a great idea. As far as falling apart over the weekend, when we glue things together they are not necessarily as well joined as we think. Over time the weight of the structure causes stresses in joins. If the stresses on your glue joins become too much, the structure starts to cave in under its weight.

    It’s just an idea I had when thinking about something called metal fatigue. Metal can seem solid but, over time, stresses can cause it to break. Have you ever kept bending a piece of bendable metal like aluminium until it breaks?

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

    • Hi Mr Mannell,
      My Dad and I are building the frame from Aluminium. We are basing it on the Octagon. Do you know the Octagon in Dunedin. We are putting it in the shape of the Octagon by building a frame with 4 X 5m pieces of aluminium. My Dad also got us 500m of double sided tape so we think it will stay together this time. We will let you know.

  6. Sorry about the bivy, i’m not sure what glue you are using but someone told me it was hot glue, if it is, hot glue needs to be moulded on, which means you need heaps of glue sticks, hot glue breaks down with cold weather which is why i don’t use it on some projects.
    Grease from your hands on the bottles is another reason why the glue won’t stick, the bottles need to be clean.
    The aluminium sounds good but remember glue won’t stick to that either, try the tape, but if you get stuck i could have a look, i have a few ideas.

  7. I had an idea this would happen, not sure what glue you were using but someone told me it was hot glue, hot glue needs to be moulded on which means you need heaps of glue sticks.
    Greasy hands and bottles won’t help either, the glue won’t stick to that.
    If the aluminium frame does not help i could show you some other ways, i have a few ideas.
    well done anyway.

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