Skyping with Melville Intermediate

Today we had a Skype session with Melville intermediate school.  We talked to two girls from the te ao upurangi class.  We showed them our mihis. At first we had a chat with them and asked some questions about Maori language. We had a talk for about their Maori language, their waiata and their karakia.  At the end Bridget shared her mihi. We had alot of fun.

We told the girls they are amazing ambassadors for their school.  They are fluent Maori speakers and they helped us with our pronunciation.  Mr Webb and his amazing class help us with our pronunciation and our mihi.  They have been recognised nationally for the wonderful work they do supporting Maori language learners across New Zealand.  You should check out their amazing blog!

6 thoughts on “Skyping with Melville Intermediate

  1. Thank you girls for an AMAZING session today. We loved listening to your fluent Maori. We learnt so much from you today. Thank you for your support and help with our pronunciation.
    Mrs K and Room 6

  2. This is so good to see. I love Skyping with classes especially when we talk about the work you are doing. I have had the privilege of visiting some wonderful classes who were doing 100 Word Challenge. Maybe I would be able to visit your classroom?!

  3. Hello everyone,

    Having Skyped with a class in Los Angeles, I know how much fun the sessions can be. It’s a great way of expanding your classroom across the country or even the world. 🙂

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

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