Winter in New Zealand…

Walking on the ice.

On Tuesday Georgia and Ciara walked on the ice. It was really cold and our ears were nearly blue. The puddles that were there that night were frozen. All of the ground was white with frost. Our legs were nearly stuck together and our fingers were numb. When we got to school the sun was shining it was nearly warm.

3 thoughts on “Winter in New Zealand…

  1. We are baking with sunshine and 28degrees! I think it is really brilliant that at the same time, you are feeling cold! The world is a fascinating place isn’t it?!

  2. Hello Georgia and Ciara,

    In winter, we sometimes have very cold mornings. As I am on the coast of southern New South Wales, Australia, we don’t have snow falling although it can snow on the mountains a half hour drive from here. Some very cold mornings, I wake to see the sports ground across the road covered in white. A heavy dew had fallen overnight and froze on the grass. Not long after the sun rises, the white gives way to green again.

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

    • Hi Mr Manell,
      Thank you for reading our blog post and commenting. My favourite season is spring because of all the blossom. I am excited because we are heading into spring now.

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