Our wonderings…

This term we are moving off planet earth.  We are taking what we know already about Space and wondering!  Wonderings are our curiosity, things we are eager to investigate and learn more about!  We are using a Google Doc to share our wonderings.  As we develop a wondering wall, we will work as a class to investigate and take our learning further.  During this early start of our learning we continue to wonder and develop our curiosity.  Can you please have a look at our wonderings and let us know what you think?

Click on the question mark to watch our wonderings develop!

4 thoughts on “Our wonderings…

  1. I love these wonderings because they are definitely ‘out of this world’! How are you going to answer some of them? Will you be linking with other schools to help you?

  2. WOW! I love your wonderings. The questions will take some thought but I might be able to help with some. I’ll see what I can do and post another comment here if I can help.

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

  3. Hello again,

    I enjoyed your questions so much I thought I would see what I could answer for you. The problem was, the answers ended up taking up too much space so I added a post to my Extended Comments for Students blog. You will find many links so you can find out more about the answers. Now I’m not an expert of astronomy but have always had an interest in science as well as many other things so I may have to update the post at times if I find I’ve made a mistake.

    Click on this link to see some possible answers to your questions…


    Teacher, NSW, Australia

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