On the Marae…

We have been learning with the Maori NIE for Maori language week. (NIE stands for Newspapers in Education.) We acted out visiting a Marae. It was lots of fun. First of all Sam did a haka. We walked forwards and Sam put down the koha.  The tangata whenua picked up the koha.  We sat down and we were greeted.  We sang.  We spoke.  We greeted each other.  It was interesting because we have only been on a Marae once.  We would like to visit one again.


4 thoughts on “On the Marae…

  1. Hello everyone,

    When in New Zealand, I’ve always enjoyed chances to visit a Marae. The Maori culture has always been an interest of mine although my language skills are very poor. I normally have to look up my Maori-English dictionary and phrase book. It doesn’t sound right trying to speak the Maori language with an Australian accent.

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

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