10 Aside Rugby Tournament

Today we had our second gathering with full primary school’s around the Taieri, Green Island area.  We went there expecting to play rippa, but were very surprised to find it was a tackle rugby competition.  We could not play tackle because we did not have mouth guards or head gear.

We had two great games of rippa on a very sunny afternoon.

3 thoughts on “10 Aside Rugby Tournament

  1. I think rippa is what we call tag rugby. where you have a band you tuck in the back of your shorts and someone has to catch it while you are running. Is that it? Certainly looks like a great deal of fun. It is quite tricky playing in the sunshine though isn’t it?!

    • Yes, that definitely is Rippa. I think all of the players had a great day! It is just soooo awesome to have the bright sunshine in winter!

  2. Hello everyone,

    Now I can see why Australia has so much trouble against the All Blacks. You start young and practise the skills.. The photos look great. 🙂

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

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