Counting down to London Olympics 2012

Today was an amazing day in class.  For Funky Friday time we prepared for the start of the London Olympics 2012.

Today room six made a wall which was to do with the Olympic Games. First it was a plane old wall but soon it wasn’t, because room six decided to decorate it with pictures of either people who are starring in the Olympic Games or words that describe it. This afternoon I bet it would be all filled up with more facts and pictures.     By Lorie

It was great to see the wall grow…

We are excited to follow the results!  Mason has started a page in the wiki to record results as they happen.  We have also downloaded the London Olympic Result apps onto our devices.

3 thoughts on “Counting down to London Olympics 2012

  1. How wonderful that you are following the Olympics. Mr Skinner and I went to watch Brazil & Egypt play football at the Millennium Stadium at Cardiff. It was brilliant even though the ground was only a third full. There were so many people with hooters and flags that it got a bit deafening. I was really glad to go to an event and will keep my ticket as a keepsake!

    • How exciting that you were there – at the games! We are getting up to watch the Opening Ceremony tomorrow. We have 185 athletes competing. We are very excited to follow their progress! We will be very interested to talk to you about the games on Wednesday! It must be amazing to be right in the very heartbeat of this amazing event!

  2. Hello everyone,

    With the Olympics well under way, I am sure you are all waiting to see what medals your athletes might win. We know what would happen if rugby was an Olympic sport. Send in the All Blacks and take home the gold. 🙂

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

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