Life long learners…

Today we helped our teacher Mrs K! She is presenting her first ever IGNITE talk! This is a talk to ‘ignite’ an audience.  Mrs K was really nervous.  She presented her talk to us and we were able to give her so much feedback and feed forward.  She was very grateful for our help.  She was able to take our suggestions and present to her e-teach friends.  She was much more confident!

Last term we all prepared speeches for our annual speech competition.  It was a lot of fun.  We have now decided we will have a go at mini ignite talks.  We will all present something from our space learning…

What a wonderful learning journey we are on together.



2 thoughts on “Life long learners…

  1. What a wonderful title for a post! There is great truth in the idea of being lifelong learners. I still enjoy exploring new things to discover information I didn’t know. I am glad to read you are all preparing to take part in Mini Ignite Talks. Being able to speak comfortably in front of people is an important skill to learn. Even teachers can be nervous talking in front of large groups but it is something they learn to overcome.

    Keep blogging.
    Teacher, NSW, Australia

  2. I wish I could present at that gathering because it’s looking too much interesting and cheering! I would like to thank you for giving huge inspiration to wipe out her hesitation while giving speech. I was watching the entire sketches of the happening. Thanks for a nice presentation.

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