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  1. This sounds like such a wonderful opportunity. I amalgamated my school with our feeder infant school. We didn’t move buildings but has some extra space incorporated into our building. As head teacher I learnt lots about drainage, room design and how expensive everything is. Have a great adventure and keep us posted!

    • It is such an amazing opportunity! I am really working with student designed learning spaces this year and my learners are so powerfully able to voice their preferred learning space for topic. I think this collaborative, open learning corridor style will be really exciting. I can’t wait!
      Anne K

  2. Hello everyone at St Marys,

    Mr Mitchell notified me about the new Pass the Blog but I was unable to visit until now.

    What an exciting post! I know how it feels when we have the chance to experience a new school. The chance to run on grassed areas is so much better than the tarred surface playgrounds in one school where I taught.

    May last school had a similar experience. When I retired from full time teaching, my school was in the process of being rebuilt. Six years down the line and there is only one building I know still there. They have a beautiful hall, two-storey building wired for the internet, and undercover play and walkways. It feels so different to the old school I knew so well.

    Enjoy the experiences on your new school grounds. 🙂

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

    • Thanks Mr Mannell, It is a very exciting learning journey for the students. We are very lucky to have the time and opportunity to celebrate the time our school has been on its current site and leave a time capsule, as well as laying a time capsule at our new site! A very special, if challenging time ahead!
      Anne K

  3. Hi guys!
    Sounds VERY exciting.
    Are you looking foward to the move or do you want to stay right where you are?
    Our school is moving next year across the road to where our church is.
    -Michaela St Marys Mosgiel New Zealand

  4. Apologies for being a bit late but just had to comment as 2 years ago we moved into a totally new school, built on a hill above our old infant school and across the road from the old junior school! Not only that we also have collaborate hubs! Our school is split into 3 hubs- nursery, reception, year 1 (age 3-6) then year 2&3 (6-8) and years 4-6 (age 8-11) and we love it! I am in charge of the 23 hub and always looking for new exciting things that we can do in it! Will look out for your school more 🙂
    From a delighted UK teacher

    • Hi Claire, thanks so much for the comment! Even though we are recycling, or reusing most of our buildings, we are looking forward to a full refurbishment. It will be a very exciting learning journey. We will also be able to wire it for the ultra fast broadband role out which is so important to our class. We are a BYOD class with learners bringing their own laptop, ipod touch, ipad or tablet to class. Could your please send me a link to your school so I can keep in touch.
      Anne K

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