Neinstein’s at the Olympics!

It was so exciting to see our Flat Neinstein not only at the opening ceremony but IN in it!
Flat Neinstein is our class logo/mascot.
He has been on an amazing, top secret adventure in the past week.You see, not only did he manage to make it to London in time for the Olympic Games… he actually rode in the pocket of one of the awesome performers!


Today we skyped with Marc at the start of the day and he told us all about the opening of the games and the many hours that he and the rest of the cast spent practising this. (Watch out for this post tomorrow!)

Neinstein will be off to a few games over the next week and will then be off to the Paralympics! How lucky is he?

We will be looking for hosts to look after Neinstein on his journey home. We hope that he can visit every continent and maybe a few islands in between! Let us know if you can help him get home in September!

by the Neinsteins

5 thoughts on “Neinstein’s at the Olympics!

  1. Neinstein is very well travelled and has met some famous people. I wonder what he was thinking during his pocket ride? We would love him to visit the North Island.

  2. How exciting it must be to have your mascot off to the Olympic games? Will photos be taken of his great journey. My students would be ‘green with envy’ and to actually be able to speak to one of the performers would have been fabulous. Did you see the Opening Ceremony? I saw some of it and that it was fabulous. It was very, very clever and entertaining. What Olympic sports are your favourite and who are your favourite sports people in the games? Last night I watched the white water rafting and tried to work out how they made the water so rapid! It was fun to watch.
    I am a teacher from Australia, so I love watching the swimming, the gymnastics and the running the best.

  3. Wow! I wish I were Neinstein! I had to stay up really late to watch the Olympic Opening Ceremony – how lucky is Neinstein to have been right there! Did you all watch the ceremony? I thought it was fantastic and I especially loved the lighting of the cauldron. That was very special because it was so different to the usual ceremonies.
    My favourite Olympic sports are swimming, gymnastics and athletics. My country, South Africa, only has one medal at this stage, but it IS a GOLD medal (swimming)!
    I am an ICT teacher in Cape Town, South Africa and I think the idea of passing on a blog is fantastic – and you’ve done a really good job!

  4. Hello Neinsteins,

    After Mr Mitchell mentioned this new Pass the Blog, I had intended visiting earlier but have been delayed until now. What a wonderful greeting it was to see Flat Neinstein and his adventures at the Olympics. I am certain there will be many tales to tell when he returns.

    When the Sydney 2000 Olympics were held, I was fortunate enough to be able to sign my class up to visit the following Paralympics. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if New Zealand was able to host the Games one day? Having been to New Zealand a number of times, including Dunedin, I would love to see a New Zealand Olympics.

    Enjoy your time with Pass the Blog. 🙂

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

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