The Opening Ceremony

What did you think of the opening ceremony at the Olympic Games? Did you go? Are you watching the games? We would love to know what you think of them.

The Olympics are a great way for strong and courageous athletes to show their talent off to the world and even earn prizes and gain world records.

Though fake, the Queen, Queen Elizabeth jumped from a helicopter in the opening ceremony. For some reason she was impersonated by a man. Was there not a woman who looks like the Queen prepared to jump out of a plane? Mr. Bean (Johnny English) was playing the one note over and over again, then the music stopped and he filled in by playing a solo on the piano.

We found out when we skyped Marc this morning that normal people were chosen to perform in the opening ceremony. Marc was of them. He is a friend of Mrs Caldwell’s and he took our flat mascot with him to the Olympic stadium.

All of the pre-dancers had a chance to audition and more than half made it into the dance sessions. It took more than a year to learn the steps with over 100 sessions taking around 45 minutes each to complete, but well worth it because the moves were almost automatic to the dancers.

So far some of the athletes have even beaten their PB (personal best ) by more than 2 seconds. The weights from weightlifting were very heavy and around 100kg. Some weightlifters could only carry for around half of the expected time. Though some failing but still chugging away this year’s olympics will be a very close one.

By George, Year 6

4 thoughts on “The Opening Ceremony

  1. Hello George,

    This is an excellent post about the Opening Ceremony. I was also impressed by the “Queen” jumping from the helicopter with James Bond.

    Did you know there is a lady in England who stands in for the Queen for rehearsals of special events such as The Diamond Jubilee. She is about the same height and looks a little like the Queen. I somehow doubt whether she is skilled at parachuting but imagine the surprise for spectators if she had been able to jump.

    The Olympics opening and closing ceremonies are a good chance for people to take part if they can’t as athletes. Can you imagine the excitement of waiting to take your place on the main arena for the show? The experience would be unforgettable.

    While it is a great thing to win a medal at the Olympics, achieving a PB should be the goal for all of us. A PB shows we are pushing our own limits. If it results in a medal, it’s all the more exciting.

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

  2. Oh George! You have spoilt my memory, telling me the Queen was a man! 😉 it was the real Queen at Buckingham Palace though. I loved the Opening Ceremony and have watched quite a lot of the games. I’m so glad you are watching and enjoying it. My husband & I went to see one of the football matches – Brazil v Egypt. It was very exciting.

  3. Hi Gearge, a very nice summary of the opening games. I didn’t know it was a man that played the Queen jumping out of the plane. I thought that was quite funny. I only saw some of the opening ceremony but was wondering why they had a part about the health system in it? Do you know why?
    I have watched as much of the games as I possibly can especially when the NZ athletes compete. I think they have done really well and should all be proud of themselves. My heart went out to the NZ rowers when they broke an oar. I will stay up and watch the equestrian team compete tonight as they are in the medal contention.
    Enjoy the rest of the games 🙂

  4. Hi George. I love your review on the opening ceromony of the 2012 olympics in London. What was your favourite part of the ceromony? My favourite part was when Mr Bean was dreaming., oh and of course the lighting of the torch. It looks like you put a lot of hard effort into this review.

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