Celebrating Our Writing

Writing is something that the Neinsteins work really hard on.  Today we want to celebrate writing and would really appreciate feedback and suggestions…

We are reading and working towards writing a range of persuasive texts in “Writing Workshop 3” at the moment. These include advertisments, letters to the Editor, written debates, posters and labels. Today we wrote an argument from the Three Bears to Goldilocks explaining why they were going to press charges against her. We had to support our arguments with information… What do you think?

31st July, 2012

Dear Goldilocks,

We have been considering the morning that you broke into our house and whether or not to press charges against you.

Research shows that delinquent behaviours  in childhood often lead to extreme criminal activity as an adult. We are sure that you are aware of the broken chair, the messed up bed and the half-eaten porridge that you left behind. The very least you could have done was apologise and replace the chair!

Some people might say that we are being unfair and too hard on a little girl but we have decided to press charges against you.

As we have shown you have committed a number of offences including breaking and entering, theft and vandalism.

Yours faithfully,




Poppa, Mama and Baby Bear

3 thoughts on “Celebrating Our Writing

  1. Awesome!
    I love how you make it sound like the letter actually is written from the three bears.
    I can spot one spelling mistake, I wil give you a clue:it is in the first paragraph …whether or not to press……
    -michaela St Mary’s mosgiel New Zealand

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