Winter sport – 10 aside tournament

Today the year 6, 7 and 8’s played a soccer game in Sunnyvale against Green Island. The game was twelve minutes each way. We didn’t start very well because Green Island got a goal in the first few minutes. But we made a comeback scoring two goals in as many minutes. We got another goal just before half time. It was a little bit tiring because we had to go up the field and then back down the field.  We scored four more goals in the second half. We won seven to two. It was so much fun. I can’t wait to do it again.
Today the yr 6 ,7 and 8’s had a soccer game in Sunnyvale. When we got to Sunnyvale we had some kicks at the goal. When the game started I was midfield. The whistle blew at the ball went straight to the opposition teams goal. We had so many attempts at the goal but we didn’t seem to get it in the goal. Finally it got close to the goal but the opposition stole it off us and they got it down to our goalkeeper Alex. Suddenly they kicked it and they scored. We knew we had to make a come back and we did. They score was one all.
We were playing so well. It was halftime and we were ahead. After half time I was off for a few minutes. When I got back on the field I was not tired so I sprinted to get the ball and I got it. I was really close to the goal but I missed. The final score was 7-2 and we won. We all played a great and we were proud of our effort.

Kapa haka

Today the St Mary’s Kapa Haka group walked down to the library. We sung Ka Waiati, Haere mai, Te Waka and many more. Singing was really fun! I felt very nervous when we first got up but when we started the butterflies in my stomach flew away.

Later on we performed in front of the school. It was very scary when we all went on stage but then when we started to sing I wasn’t any more. After we had sung all of the songs we got some feed back from the audience. They said that we were very loud and clear.

Our costumes will be coming in three weeks. The boys are wearing a piupiu and a green stone necklace and the girls are wearing a blue dress with korus on it and a green stone necklace as well. We enjoyed performing on stage and at the library in front of an audience.

By Anahera and Michaela.  

Mosgiel, Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand welcomes you!

Kia ora from New Zealand.  We feel very privileged to be hosting this blog this week.  This week is Maori Language week where New Zealand really celebrates te reo Maori (the Maori language).  The theme this year is Arohatia te Reo – cherish the language.  

We are excited to share a little of our country, our culture, and our language.  Each day we will try to share a new phrase with you.  Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey!

Kia ora

Mini monsters

We had a special treat today for being such a polite class! A lady came in and brought some mini monsters with her.

Katie used the ipad to blog about the monsters.  Here is her work!


Harry holdid the grat big snail .

There was a jiant milipeed


We saw a snake and a tarantulaBy Katie.


Busking Day

Yesterday we had busking day in school. Everyone sings, plays instruments or dances and puts out a hat for money. We collected nearly £200 for the Goodwill Homes in India. Our class sang a trio of French songs, the kookaburra song, a song about electricity and ‘I can see clearly now (the rain has gone).

The last song made everyone chuckle because the sky was grey and it was drizzling with rain!





Badger Class have the blog!

Hello there! We are Badger class from Roydon primary school in Norfolk and we are very excited to have the blog passed to us this week. We have been doing some work at our local fen and have just finished mapping some of our poems and stories. Take a look and tell us what you think! Please remember we are only 6 and 7 years old!

To look at some of our fabulous fen poems click on the play buttons, then click on the animals to return to the main screen. 

What will you find on the digital story-telling map of the fen? (More coming very soon!)

View Digital stories by Badger Class in a larger map
Take a look at our class blog and scroll down to see how all this lovely worked started – with a little bit of drama!

We Are Animators!

Year 3 have been learning to be animators in ICT this term. They have looked at famous animations and then created their own mind map of what they would like their animation to look like. Children used spicynodes to create a mind map, this helped them then use this map to create their animation. They have produced some fantastic work!! Rhys and Sara by Miss Hirani

Like it? Create your own at It’s free and fun!

Our Digital Footprint

Over the past few weeks Year 10 have been developing their own websites about digital footprint. They have found it a very interesting and at times a thought provoking topic, with a lot of the students thinking about more carefully what they post online and also the long term impact it can have. Yesterday we revisited the inital topic to see if students perceptions have changed about digital footprint. We watched the following videos to promote discussion

We had a great discussion about what private actually means online and online friends. Although most students protect their Facebook accounts the videos certainly made them think more about what they post online. We then added a number of ideas to a share If you can’t see the canvas below please click on this link

We have been developing website based around the theme of digital footprint and the URLs of the sites are below. Whilst these are very much work in progress i’m sure the students would love some feedback on their progress so far.

Digital Identity Theft Games in Kodu

In Year 8 this year we are using Kodu to create games about Digital Identity Fraud. The main aim of our games is to use Kodu to create a game where the player tries to reclaim all the pieces/items of their digital identity such as bank details, passport number while meeting other characters in the game.


My game is about taking back the money you got stolen from digital ID theft. The aim is to collect all items (coins) to score points, defeat all enemies and complete all the worlds. Once you defeat the last ID thief, you are presented with your score and the game ends. Combat is included for example health and fighting. I have enjoyed Kodu as it is user friendly and not complicated; programming was easy. Although there were a few problems with collecting coins, nothing has gone wrong.

Declan 🙂

The aim of my game is to collect all items required to go on to the unlockable island and win. on the island there is certain items required to win also you need five points to access the secret island the items stolen from you are money also you can trade items and fight the theif also you can trade items i enjoyed programing my kodu to accomplish various tasks – Patrick

My game is about digital identity fraud. You have to collect coins/apples from the island and gain points. When you get to 100+ points you win the game. You have to be careful when fighting the other kodu. i have enjoyed making my island for my Kodu – Sophie

To complete my game you have to collect the small items to get points and unlock the other terrain where the star is. Missiles are shot at you when you try to get the star and you have to dodge them (the score goes down when shot) The small items (apples and coins) represent the steps to get your digital identity back. I have found using Kodu easier than I thought I would although I struggled to get the hang of it at first when doing more complex things such as combat and adding/subtracting health points. I most enjoyed programming the kodu’s and deciding what they are going to do.


In my game you have to use combat to kill different kodus and transport to different worlds/levels and collect different objects. I enjoyed designing my world. – Emily

I’m my kodu game you have to beat the cycle to getting to the tree then jump from world to world to win. also you have to collect the coins to return to the victim of online theft. i have enjoyed creating the kodo game because there is  allot to do. – Adam

The point of my game is to collect coins for points,fight enemies and live on the little island. to complete the game you must get enough points and move through all of the worlds. kodu is good because it teaches people about digital theft and is also fun. i enjoyed making my worlds on kodu and programming objects. – Kathryn

In my game you have to reach the star at the end of the planet while combating villains to get there. When you get there you teleport to the next level. The one thing I enjoyed was designing my own world.

 – Rebecca

My game is about digital indentity fraud. to collect all items stolen from you and defeat the thieves / boss characters).Once all items have been collected you complete the game. but most items are guarded. i enjoyed testing the different characters and what it would be like to play as them. – Isaac

In my game you have to use combat to defeat characters and collect all the coins ( money stolen from you online). One thing I have liked about kodu so far is making the worlds and being able to change the colours of all the different features. – Olivia

The aim of my game is to defeat an army of enemies and then collect the coins and then you have to collect the apples to add points to your total then if you get the certain total you win the game and you get a trophy. also if you do not lose a life in combat with the other evil Kodus you will be able to win the game faster. The part of kodu i have enjoyed is creating and styling my world the way i want .

 – Andrew

We are nearly finished with our games but would love some feedback. Have you used Kodu? Please let us know what you think.


Rattle Run in Scratch

The scratch game called Rattle Run. I really enjoyed making this game because it was a real challenge and it is close to the original. It was the coding that was the real challenge. Although it was simplified down into blocks of code. Altogether this game was very successful! I feel very confident in making scratch games and look forward to a more challenging task ahead.

try clicking here to play my game.


(This was a game created by Thomas for Home Learning alongside his classwork! Students were asked to recreate the retro Snake game. Well done Thomas an excellent piece of work- Mr A)

Because your beautiful

We used Serif MoviePlus to create the video about peer pressure. We picked the subject because people feel it everyday. We planned the video together and the 3 of us collected the pictures and downloaded the music track. After we made the video we recording the voice over using the little mini MP3 microphones and edited. Please let us know what you think of the video
The “Because your beautiful” team 😉

Animal Cruelty

We decided to choose animal cruelty as our subject because we both love animals and as a joint decision we decided it was a big issue today that we we feel needed highlighting. We planned our video to help us along the way by finding facts and images that we felt were suitable and appropriate for our video.

We put our video together on Serif Movie Plus after using several other programs as we felt is was very easy to use.

We really enjoyed making our video and hope it could raise awareness

Maddison and Megan

Blogging with St Robert of Newminster ICT

This week we will be taking part in the Pass the blog project. Mr Allan has told us all about the project. During the week we will try and show some of the work we have been doing over the year and during our lessons this week. We are really looking forward to sharing our work with you 🙂

Please comment on our blogs/work