Farewell From 2 Blue!

Well unfortunately our week of Pass The Blog is over. It was a really great week and we learned so much about blogging. We were so excited to come to school each morning to see who had seen our work and left comments.

To keep the excitement going we have decided to start our very own class blog! We hope that some of you might come and have a look to check out the awesome things we are doing in 2 Blue. We would love to follow your blogs too if you have them!

We are also looking to connect with some classes via Twitter! @twoblue2012_2

To say goodbye we made an iMovie. We hope you enjoy!!

Farewell From 2 Blue from Sarah Cridland on Vimeo.

Fairy Tale Guessing Game

We really loved learning about Fairy Tales last term. Have a look at these videos to see if you can guess which Fairy Tale we are trying to act out??

Jordana and Emma Fairy Tale from Sarah Cridland on Vimeo.

Tiana and Emma Fairy Tale from Sarah Cridland on Vimeo.

Alyssa Fairy Tale from Sarah Cridland on Vimeo.

Can you guess who we were trying to be? Leave us a comment to see if you were correct!

We Love Writing Stories!

Last term in 2 Blue we were learning about Fairy Tales. We learned that you can write new Fairy Tales by making up your own, mixing up ones we already know and changing some of the things that we already know. We decided to write a Fairy Tale as a whole class by changing some of the things we already knew and mixing up The Gingerbread Man and The 3 Little Pigs. Here is our iBook we wrote called “The 3 Little Grandmas and The Big Bad Gingerbread Man”. We hope you enjoy it! Let us know what you think?

The 3 Little Grandmas and the Big Bad Gingerbread Man

Tag! Passing it On!

It was with some sadness that the Neinsteins farewelled their role as this blog’s curators yesterday! We have absolutely loved the chance to share our learning stories with an already established audience. We have been excited by the collaboration and projects that have come from this week and we can’t wait to watch where in the world this blog goes from here!

We do have one last request for our “Flat Neinstein” who is currently at the Olympic Games in London and looking forward to going to the Paralympics shortly…

We want to bring Neinstein home by having him make short jumps from classroom to classroom back to Dunedin New Zealand… Would you be willing to post our mascot/logo in the form of an A4 piece of paper and share a little piece of your learning with us?

If so, could you please leave a comment below and the Neinsteins will be in touch…

NZ Rowing

Dear Ms B
This morning we took my Dad down to yachting and saw this sign that has been put up especially. We have won three gold medals in rowing at the Olympics and they are all from the South Island! I thought you would like it!

I hope you are having a good weekend!