Welcome to Western Australia!

Hello! We ‘re a class of 26 Grade Three and Four students in Western Australia. Our teacher is Mrs G. We are excited to be part of this project.  We are not new to blogging, as we have a class blog, as well as our own student blogs. It’s great fun interacting with other children from all over the world!

Every Monday in our class, we have Monday Munchies and it’s one of our favourite times of the week! Mrs G brings a fruit or vegetable for us to taste.  Some of the things  we have tried are kiwi fruit, broccolini, snow pea shoots, kiwi berries, dragonfruit, rockmelon, persimmon, coconut, tangelos and cauliflower. Mrs G is always so proud of us, because we ALL try everything, even if we’ve had it before and didn’t like it. We know that sometimes we can try a food and not like it (perhaps because it wasn’t quite ripe), however, it’s always a good idea to try it again another time, because we just might find we love it!

Brock decided that he would give Mrs G a break this week and he brought in not one, but TWO Monday Munchies for us to try.  You can see them in the picture above. The orange things are kumquats, which are tiny citrus fruits. You can eat them raw, including the skin, and they’re quite popular for making jams and marmalades.  The other fruit that Brock brought in was something he picked off a tree at his uncle’s house on the weekend. They are Brazilian Grapes. He took a photo to show us the unusual way they grow. They grow right out of the trunk and branches! We’re used to seeing fruit on the end of branches, where the little twigs and leaves are, but these ones don’t grow like that!  Thanks Brock for bringing in such interesting fruits for us to try this week.

Love from The Smarties and Mrs G


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  1. Hi I’m Liat,
    I think that is very interesting because it’s good to try new things even if you don’t like it. It’s very lucky we get to eat delicious food when we want for others in 3rd world countries they can have a meal every 5 days so we have to be grateful for what we eat. At my school we have a garden were we grow all sort of food but now it’s harvesting time so we plant seeds to grow in the summer then we use it in the kitchen and make all different kind of meals. Great post and very interesting.

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