Our High Flying Excursion

Today, our class went on an excursion and it was AWESOME! We visited the Flight Experience Centre in Perth, which is a place people can go to to use a flight simulator. It looked exactly like the cockpit of a Boeing 737, with lots of lights, buttons and dials! We all got a chance to pilot the virtual plane, guided by a real life pilot, Captain Chris. Some of us flew over London and saw the Eye and Big Ben and the rest of us flew over New York and saw the Statue of Liberty. It was great fun! While each group waited for our turn in the cockpit, Captain Cait showed us some videos about how planes fly and about all the things airline staff need to do after a plane lands to make it ready to take off again. Tomorrow, we’ll be writing about our day, so we’ll add more information then. For now, check out this Animoto!

Make a video of your own at Animoto.

Love from The Smarties and Mrs G

3 thoughts on “Our High Flying Excursion

  1. Kia ora from Dunedin, NZ!

    I can’t wait for the Neinsteins to read your writing about what looks like an absolutely amazing excursion. At some points it looks like you were flying a real plane Were you? You must have been incredibly nervous if you were!!! Can’t wait to hear more!

  2. Hi I’m Dean and I’m from Melbourne, Australia
    Wow I wish I could go on an excursion like the one you went on. I have been in a flight simulator twice before and I loved it both times. When you where flying over London city did you get to see any of the stadiums in the simulator? How did you feel about being able to fly a (real plane)? I wonder how the excursion to the flight simulator was connected to your learning. Are you learning in class about something to do with flying or aeroplanes? I hope you enjoyed your excursion to the flight simulator.

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