Fairy Tale Guessing Game

We really loved learning about Fairy Tales last term. Have a look at these videos to see if you can guess which Fairy Tale we are trying to act out??

Jordana and Emma Fairy Tale from Sarah Cridland on Vimeo.

Tiana and Emma Fairy Tale from Sarah Cridland on Vimeo.

Alyssa Fairy Tale from Sarah Cridland on Vimeo.

Can you guess who we were trying to be? Leave us a comment to see if you were correct!

20 thoughts on “Fairy Tale Guessing Game

  1. What a cool idea girls 🙂 I’m glad those dress ups are still coming in handy. We might have some future TV or movie stars in our class I think!

  2. Fantastic way to share what you know about fairy tales! I think they were The Gingerbread Man and Snow White but the third video has me tricked. Was it Sleeping Beauty? It was a bit hard to hear on my iPad. Did you work out the scripts for the plays yourselves?
    Keep up the great work,
    A teacher from Victoria, Australia

    • Yes we wrote a script before we acted out the scenes. You were correct with the Gingerbread Man and Snow White. The third one was Ariel.

  3. Jodana was dressed up as the ginger bread man Emma was the witch from snow white, Tiana was snow white and Alyssa and Olivia where Ariel but Alyssa was Ariel a mermaid and Olivia was Ariel a human. Good acting Girls. You all did a good job:)

  4. I think I want to come and join 2B. You all seem to be having so much fun in your classroom. My guesses for the fairy tales are: Alyssa (The Little Mermaid), Jordana & Emma (The Gingerbread Man) and Tiana & Emma (Snow White). Can’t wait to see if I got them right. Great job to all the actresses.

  5. Great work 2 blue, we loved all of your creative pieces this week. Enjoy your last blogg today can’t wait to see what you create for us 🙂 Have fun!!

  6. Hi everyone,
    We have also been learning about narratives. I think the Ginger bread man one was amazing. In our class we have learnt to use sizzling starts and it really helps have you? Great acting, it took me so quick to work it out which that you expressed it so well.

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