6 thoughts on “Here Are Some Questions We Have About The Olympics!

  1. Hi Phoebe and Zara! Great questions. I think I can answer one for you. The rings on the Olympic flag are a symbol to represent every country in each of the five continents in the world. They are linked to show that the Olympic Games are all about coming together as one. The colours of the rings were chosen for a specific reason. They represent all of the colours which are shown in each country’s flag! How cool is that! If you have a look at the flags of the world hanging in our room you can even check for yourself. Keep it up girls 🙂

  2. Hi 2 blue, The Queen was at the opening ceremony, she jumped out of a plane with James Bond remember??????????? She would also have had a good view of many other events that went past Buckingham Palace – where she lives.

  3. Hi 2B. I believe there is no age limit to compete in the Olympics generally speaking but some of the individual sports do have age restrictions. One example is the gymnastics. Gymnasts need to be at least 16 years old. Even though there are some great younger gymnasts, I believe the Olympic committee put the age limit in place because some of the tricks and skills the gymnasts do can be dangerous and they don’t want anyone too young to be hurt.
    I also think that to compete at the Olympics you need to be do very well at qualifying events leading up the the games. I guess it takes lots and lots of practice and dedication from all the athletes.
    What great questions you have.

  4. Yes the queen did come and watch some events.
    The rings are for each continent
    I think you have to try out to get into the olympics.
    No you don’t have to be a certain age to be in the olympics.

    Good questions girls.

  5. Hi 2 Blue
    I think I have an answer for questions 2 and 3.My answer for question 2 is every flag in the world has at least 1 of the colours from the rings and my answer for question 3 is I think you have to try out and get a really good score to get into the olympics.

    Good questions 😎

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