Farewell From 2 Blue!

Well unfortunately our week of Pass The Blog is over. It was a really great week and we learned so much about blogging. We were so excited to come to school each morning to see who had seen our work and left comments.

To keep the excitement going we have decided to start our very own class blog! We hope that some of you might come and have a look to check out the awesome things we are doing in 2 Blue. We would love to follow your blogs too if you have them!

We are also looking to connect with some classes via Twitter! @twoblue2012_2

To say goodbye we made an iMovie. We hope you enjoy!!

Farewell From 2 Blue from Sarah Cridland on Vimeo.

6 thoughts on “Farewell From 2 Blue!

  1. Thank you 2B & Miss Cridland. It has been wonderful to check each day to see what you guys had been blogging about. I loved your farewell movie and I’ll be sure to check out your class blog.

  2. No, No, No please don’t pass the blog on! You have done a great job 2 Blue. Will look forward to catching up on more of your news on your own blog.

  3. Great work 2 Blue!! I loved doing work on our Blog each day and can’t wait to start our own class Blog 🙂 thank you Miss Cridland you are the best teacher ever!!

  4. I’m really sorry to have missed your week. I do have an email subscription but they didn’t come through 🙁 I will try to go back through. What I do hope though it when you have your class blog you will join in 100 Word Challenge. It is great fun and links you to lots of schools across the world! 100wc.net

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