3 thoughts on “5B LOVES Kitchen!!

  1. how lucky you are to have your own kitchen garden. That must make all your food taste even better. I try hard to keep to a healthy diet but I’m sure the occasional piece of chocolate is good for you too – right?

  2. Hello Gabi and Noah,

    This is a wonderful presentation. You are very fortunate to not only have a garden and chickens for fresh food but to have a kitchen. My local school has its own vegetable garden but doesn’t have a kitchen available. I would sometimes bring in a hotplate for cooking but an oven was only possible if we could talk our school canteen into allowing us access to their area.

    There is nothing better than fresh food you have grown yourselves. 🙂

    Teacher, N.S.W., Australia

  3. Yes, great to have your own kitchen garden!

    I like the way you’ve used Prezi – it makes me want to use it with my class!

    Mr Gregg
    at the International School of Toulouse

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