In 5B we have been learning about narritives and a few other genres that come under the narrative genre. 
We have learnt about new genres, charecters, settings and events .
We learnt how to sort books into different genres and we always had a pile of books that had mixed geners in them. The genres that we looked into were myths and legends, historical fiction, science fiction, mysteries and fantasies. We also learnt that every genre has unique features.We had a vote in the classroom to see the most popular genre amongst the ones we learnt about and the most popular was  mystery with 11 points in a class of 20!
Can you think of any more book genres?
Do you know what a myth is?
What is your favourite book genre and why?

2 thoughts on “Narritives

  1. Do you think it is a good idea for books to be classified in this way or do you think it might stop people reading a wide variety? I like all sorts but have a favourite author Alexander McCall Smith who I had the pleasure of having tea with at his house where there were hundreds of his books!

  2. Hello 5B,

    Can I think of any more book genres?
    Books certainly do have a range of genres. There are sources describing the genres on line. Some list a few but others, such as in the link below, list many…

    Do I know what a myth is?
    According to my dictionary, a myth is a traditional story which attempts or describe natural phenomena or any invented story. I prefer the first definition because it describes many traditional stories such as those about dragons, fairies, ogres, Merlin or even how the kangaroo got its tail.

    What is my favourite book genre and why?
    One of my favourite genres is science fiction. Within this genre, stories can include myths and legends, mysteries, thriller, crime, horror, historical fiction as well as science fact.

    I find writing genres can overlap so it may be difficult to classify a book. When talking about a book I enjoyed, rather than talking about its genre, I like to tell people why I liked the book and a little about it without giving away the plot.

    Thanks for sharing your Narratives post. 🙂

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

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