The Unknown Cylinder



This was based on Back to the Future. It has got time travel, adventure and bad guys. Just how far will your curiosity take you. By Lachlan

One day while I was watching Sponge Bob when the ads come on “do you want fame and fortune well be the first back from the unknown cylinder to win $1,000,000?” said the TV.

“$ 1,000,000” I yelled. “Yes $1,000,000 be quick.” I ran to my friend the doc. “Doc, Doc I need to the first back the unknown cylinder!!!” I said “The unknown cylinder, are you crazy?” said Doc.  “No, but the prize is $1,000,000” I  replied.

“Well lets go!” exclaimed Doc. So we went down to the mountain. There were lots of other climbers. “I’m glad I took those hiking class in high school,”  I said. I was about to climb Mt Cook but first I said goodbye to my good friend ELB (Doc) the scientist. Then I start climbing up and up until I see the unknown cylinder and legend is that no one has come out ever before. I walk inside a giant cylinder. It’s dark, cold and smells of diesel. The floor is soft and wet, it’s dark and I can’t see so I press against the walls to find the light switch. Then I feel something soft and gooey but I keep on trying to find the light switch. Next I find something hard and solid. “The light switch!” I scream. Flick went the switch. The lights turn on but I also hear a sound, like something’s charging up. Then in the blink of an eye ZAP.

When I wake up I’m still in the unknown cylinder I stand up and leave. I climb back down the mountain but when got back to the city everything had changed like the cars, clothes, movie and building. I look around to find a newspaper. Then in the rubbish bin “a newspaper.” I yell and rushing over to the bin and grabbed the paper and it said “May 23 1982”! “1982 I’ve gone back 30 years I need to find telephone.” I see a sign on a cafe telephone. I walk in and someone asks “what’s with the strange clothes?”

“I just want to use the telephone.”

“It’s in the back,” he said.

“Thanks,” I say. I scroll down until I found ELB scientist 209 victory road phone number 8786374. I dial the number but he’s not home so I ripped out the page.

“Do you know where 20…”

“Are you going to order something kid?” he badly interrupted. “Yeah, I’ll have a soda,” I reply.

“Soda, what’s a soda?” he said like I was from another planet.

“Just give me something without any sugar in it,” I say.

“Okay,” he replied and put steaming hot coffee in front of me then a boy about as old as me comes in and sits next to me. Then a few other guys walk in they look like they’re in their 20’s come in. “Scott!” they yelled. Both me and the other guy sitting next turn around but he was meaning the guy next to me and said…

To Be continued

One thought on “The Unknown Cylinder

  1. your story is AMAZING i love it however do you know what show not tell is ? if you why dont you use it if u dont ill tell u it make the reader in awe bulids the reader attension makes the story exciting and makes them want to read on what going to happen next ? hope my addvice helps
    trisha st thomas of cantury bury salford manchester

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