Hello from Springwell Junior School

Hello Passtheblog fans!

We’re a Year 5 class (age 9-10) from Hounslow, west London, and we’re really excited to be part of Pass the Blog. The only catch is that for our first day we are on a trip to the Science Museum (including a 3D film about landing on the moon). Our teacher Mr Hughes would normally try to blog from his phone during the trip but he managed to drop it in the sea a couple of weeks ago. So, we’ll get blogging properly on our return.

3 thoughts on “Hello from Springwell Junior School

  1. Oh oodness – what a shame about that phonr. Have a wonderful day & I’m looking forward to hearing all about the science museum!

  2. hello im trisha .m. and my school are doing space too so on monday were going to jordell bank to exsperiment about space and the earth sun and moon.Hope you get to see it. Thanks.trisha st thomas of canturybury salford mancherster

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