Missing Home


Next week we are going to the Pyrenees for four days and three nights! From Tuesday till Friday, I can’t wait because after the trip on Saturday is my birthday and on the same day is my party!! I’m really excited. I have to sleep in a room with six people! There are two floors where we sleep, at the bottom is a dining room, two classrooms (in case it rains) and a sort of playground with a fantastic view of the Pyrenees!

I’m a bit worried about the trip to the Pyrenees, hopefully nobody will keep me up all night!

Probably it will get very


Hi, my name is Joshua. I live in Toulouse in France, I enjoy playing tennis on Wednesdays. I do not like Football, it is too rough. I adore listening to music, I play the piano. My favourite food is pizza; one food I hate is lassagne. My favourite relaxation trick is reading factual books and magasines. I dont really like watching television but I will watch it on a

Mr Gregg

Hello. My name is Mr Gregg. I am the teacher of Year 5. I don’t really look like this picture – I haven’t got as much hair! I have been at this school for 9 years. Some of the children in this class, I taught when they were in Year 1. I like doing things with computers, so I will enjoy adding to this blog. I don’t like raw fish. So there won’t be any raw fish while Year 5 at IST have the blog.

(We made the face pictures with