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We are taking part in Maths Week this week and next week we have Arts Week. There are lots of activities in school next week, including a visiting author, visiting composer and the Army band.

On Friday we have a dress up day. All the staff and all the teachers dress up as characters from their favourite book.

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St. Molaga’s Senior National School

We are looking forward to taking care of the blog this week! We are in 6th class, the final year of our primary education so it is an important year for all of us. Our teacher is Ms. Brennock and our school principal is Ms. Costello. Our school is in Balbriggan, a growing town about 20km North of Dublin. Our school is mixed (boys and girls), we wear a uniform and this year it is 25 years old!

Farewell from St Thomas Of Canterbury in Salford England

Thank you for all your comments on the blog. As we have just started blogging in our school it has been great to get the whole of the junior school involved. The children have thoroughly enjoyed it and will be commenting on all the other posts from the next schools.

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Thanks again,

From Miss Miley and all of us at St Thomas of Canterbury

Our Very Own Gifted Musician…..

This little boy has a natural talent.

It all began when he would tap his pencil against the table tops whenever he was doing work. School bought him a set of drums and with no drumming lessons he has taught himself how to play. Now he has drumming lessons every week in school and he has blossomed into a fantastic musician!

Have a look!


What Really Happened to Laika….

Hi I’m Kaja from Year 5 and this is my 50% true adventure story! Read this to know what realy happened the Russian dog.

In rememberence of Laika, the Space dog

“Get in,NOW!” one of the bossy staff yelled at me. In a fraction of a millisecond, I was in my little rocket.

“10,9,8,7” I heard the technical voice bellow. I shuck with exitment…and fear. With much trouble, I fastened my seatbelt.

“6,5,4.” The rocket started to shake violently and uncontrolably; just like me. I nearly exploded. I just hoped the rocket didn’t. All these diffrent similies swirled round and round my head.

“3,2,1 and…LIFT OFF!” This was it. Laika the Space dog!!! Before I knew it, I was soaring through stars and planets. The rocket was flying as fast as a burning star. I wonder what I’ll find up there as high as in heaven?

Impatiently, I sat inside my cramped rocket, Sputnik 2, and looked around. Butterflies fluttered hilariously in my tummy, so much that it started to hurt. I forgot to say, my freinds, Albina and Mushka, are here with me too. My heart skipped a beat, and then added a beat, and skipped one again. Exitement tingled through my body. All of a sudden, I felt like I was in an aeroplane. An aeroplane that was just landing.

“We’re landing!” Albina cheered exitedly. She was perfectly right.

THUD! The door opened. The sky was pitch black. The ground was snowy white. Nervously, I jumped out of the rocket with Albina and Mushka behind me. I stepped onto the sandy ground.

To be continued…..

The Come Back of the Aliens!

Hi, my name is Ellie and I am in Year 5 and we have been writing our own adventure stories. Have a read of mine.

“Are you ready girls?”

Yelled Nicola exitedly.As soon as they heard the booming voice, Bianca and Mia bolted as fast as a bullet through the thick mist. The yellow,chequerd taxi come to life with an almighty ROAR! Terrified,worried,exited,the three scientist turned around the corner to the NASA HQ. Before they knew it,Nicola,Bianca and Mia were being shoved into the collosal,towering rocket. “3,2,1…Lift off!” Bellowed the monatone voice through the tanoy. With a sense of fear and trepidation,the girls were being propelled into the unknown dephs of outer space,it was as dark as a haunted house! A hushed silence filled the air. Their saturn adventure had begun. Was it really happening?……

   Exitedly, the space lovers drifted about their cabbens stuggling to ajust to their new surroundings,as they chatted away nervously. Hearts raced,blood pumped. Would they survive in this terrible blackness? Frightend,scared,terrified, their hearts skipped a beat,mouths dropped, as they past many wonderful planets. A worried expresstion crept up Mia’s face,”NO!!!” S0mehow, Bianca had leant on the emergency landing lever and now the shuttle was spinning like a tornado. CRASH!!! What had happened?……

        CRASH!BANG!BOOM! Nicola and the girls,her sisters,sat frozen still.”Bianca!Where are you going?” Yelled Mia. There was no answer. Just a loud scream! Worried,frightened,concerned, the terrified souls scurried out onto the boiling,barren landscape. Where were they? Ahead of them apeard to be an army of aliens accelerating towards them! “What do you want?” Shreiked Nicola, cluching her fist. SMACK!!!!! What had hit them? An alien struck out at them with a piece of rocket piping. In a few seconds, the two species battled for what seemed like ages.


                                                        1 hour later…….

On the hot planet,Nicola leapt back from the frenzy of fist. Why were they fighting? “STOP BATTLING!” screamed an alien before  Nicola could. Without a moment hesatatoin,the tribe of aliens set about mending the broken rocket.”WHY ARE THEY GETTING IN OUR ROCKET???” Screamed Bianca.

To be continued…….

The haunted house by Mehma

Lightning struck. All you could hear was the squeaking of the bats, ugly fat bats. One foot then another i slowly tiptoed towards this humongous castle. I opened the ragged door. The house was full of dead rotten corpse lying everywhere. I walked through the alleyway, trying to not step on the dead bodies. It went on and on until… it came to a small door.  It had a picture of a skelington carved out horribly,with spiderweb patterns around the drawing. I looked everywhere for a key but the only thing that i found was a sharp canine,it looked as if it belonged to a lion. I thought that the only solution was to shrink. There was a small bottle on the ground, it looked like it had rasberry jucie inside,so i drank it and i felt a sort of strange feeling a kind of shiver down my spine…the next thing i knew i was another DEAD CORPSE…..

Ash class’s favourite crisps

Favourite crisps:

Anaik – Cheese and onion

Jasleen – Ready salted

Farhana – Cheese and onion

Yusra – Prawn cocktail

Jaya – Ready salted

Maya – Ready salted

Rodrigo – Cheese and onion

Yasmin – Prawn cocktail

Jeevan – Salt and vinegar

Abby – Ready salted

Sunny – Roast Chicken

Ali – Prawn cocktail

Nikhil – Prawn Cocktail

Mehma – Thai sweet chilli

Zedek – Prawn cocktail

Ayush – Ready salted

Lakshay – Ready salted

Hannah – BBQ ribs

Paul – BBQ ribs

Shyloh – Smokey bacon

Parth – Ready salted

Saleem – Prawn cocktail

Kevin – Cheese and onion

By Anaik and Jasleen