Matthew’s views on Santa Claus (warning, contains spoilers)

It’s our “favourite” time of the year – Christmas. When we were young, most of us believed in the tooth fairy, Easter bunny… but the most influential character is Santa Claus.

One thought on “Matthew’s views on Santa Claus (warning, contains spoilers)

  1. ELISE: Ok……I kind of believe in Santa but when i think realistically, i realize that it cant be possible as the myth is that he delivers presents to everyone in the but what about the poor children in poor country like Africa who have nothing? I would like to believe in Santa because it makes me feel like i’m growing up too fast!!

    MILLIE: Well, what are you trying to say?? Mums tell there children that Santa is real but if he is not real then why would mums and dads lie to there children for there entire life time until they realize that he is not real? I still really want to believe in Santa but everyone makes me feel like he is not real.I don’t really like it!!!!

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