Should people have the right to own guns, by Sam

The big news as we come to the end of 2012 has been gun laws in the USA, which were brought up by the tragic shootings in Connecticut last week.  Twenty children aged 10 and below were gunned down by a seemingly mad man who somehow gained access to the school when the children were in class.  The event was so devastating that the Barack Obama, who has two young children himself, was brought to tears.  That showed how shocking this event was and it brought up a potentially huge debate question: ‘Should normal civilians have the right to own gun’?

Well, in some cases, they should be allowed.  If you live in a pretty bad area of a city or town and the area you live in is prone to burglaries and thefts, then buying a gun seems like a good idea, especially if you have a family and you want to see them achieve their hopes and dreams etc.

However, in most cases they shouldn’t be allowed because most people in the world live in communities where people respect each other and their privacy, which means that they don’t need guns.  Also people can suffer mental illnesses or feel that because they have a gun, they can go round shooting people or waving it about to scare people to show that they are ‘the boss’, which endangers a lot of innocent people, highlighted by the Sandy Hook massacre.

I personally think that in the USA, the government should look a people’s lives and current situations and determine whether they should be allowed possession of a gun or not.  By this method, I think a vast majority of people who currently own guns in the USA will be without them after that and the public will feel a lot safer and without fear.

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