Is it the people or the guns? asks Andrew

The recent events in America have sparked debate all around the world, a common theme that has emerged is the ‘people or the guns’ debate. Many people argue that regardless of the fact that the people have the guns it is due to the nature of the people that causes the terrible events, ‘It’s the people who kill not the guns’. Other people argue that it is the lack of gun control and their integration to the American Society. Personally I think that though it may be true that it is due to the person’s nature that they do these terrible things, having more guns as some US politicians want can do nothing to help the problem. Having guns can make it comparatively easy for someone to kill multiple people compared to if there were stricter rules and people therefore resorted to more rudimentary and therefore less destructive weapons such as knives or even not carried out the crime. Having more guns to me can in no way improve the situation, can you imagine teachers in primary schools across the US carrying firearms? This could create more problems, as due to human error children may be able to get hold of these weapons and it could lead to many more firearms incidents involving children. In conclusion stricter gun control measures would make sense to me in the US, this would limit the amount of firearms that people are allowed to posses and monitor more strictly the people allowed to posses them.

9 thoughts on “Is it the people or the guns? asks Andrew

  1. Me and Molly enjoyed reading your blog we think that the people in the world should not have guns only proffsials like the police . Molly and I think that man was mad to kill them children and teachers . This is very upsetting to parents and realtives that loved them so much !

  2. Hi this is Rhiannon and Emilia we realy like your post I think it is the guns. People should not be allowed to have guns because people keep getting killed like that man who killed all those children them he shot himsef i is very upsetting emilia thinks i think that its the people beacause it sounds silly but guns cant shoot people by them selves someone has to have a problem or something making them angry to make them do that.

  3. My name is Alex I am from US Virginia and I think they should not take away our guns.We need them to protect ourselves it is the people not the guns.

  4. its definetlay the people. The guns dont walk to a school and start shooting. Guns dont do anything and are used for intertainment until somebody misuses them.

  5. i say its the people because they should use the guns for protection and they shouldnt be caring a rifle. I say they can only carry a pistol in public.

  6. I live in the United States and all of these gun problems may seem like more than they really are to you. You might think that everyone in America just walks around with guns or people are just getting shot all over the place. But although these things do happen sometimes, it might seem exagerated in your country. The US is usualy NOT a big and scary place.

  7. i think its the people because guns can just shoot by them selves. guns are used for peoples protection. people make bad choices. its not guns fault you should not bring a gun to school

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