My story

At the moment I (Eleanor) have been writing a story at home, about mine and Isabella’s cloud houses’. It isn’t finished yet but as we only have pass the blog for one week I have decided to post what I have so far. I hope you enjoy it!

One time, at a small frail school, there were some year 6s’ in the library. Now, in this decayed library, it seemed to be dreaded reading time. But there were two girls who hated it the most. They thought it was too boring! Their names were Isabella and Eleanor.

Isabella had long wisps of fair hair, was average hight, had deep maroon eyes and was always giggling. Eleanor had thin, brown hair that was a few inches from her shoulders, was very tall- taller than isabella-, had crystle blue eyes and a big smile.

On this particular day, Mrs. Bright (the strictest teacher in the school) had decided to let the year 6s’ choose a book of their choice- which was not often!
‘ Yawn!’ Eleanor muttered. Isabella lightly giggled.
‘ Have YOU TWO got some thing to tell me?’ Mrs Bright bellowed with her big, bloodshot eyes glaring at the two girls.
‘Sorry.’ they both quickly blurted.
‘ Now go find yourselves a book children!’ chanted Mrs. Bright

Eleanor and Isabella did not move a muscle. They stayed where they were in pure PROTEST!
‘ And what do you two think you’re doing AGAIN??!! I know reading is not your favourite subject but does NOT exclude you two! NOW SHOO!!!’ She screeched explodingly spraying spit on the two girls on every ‘b’ ‘s’ or ‘t’! The two girls were taken aback. They knew this time that she meant buisness. They quickly scuttled to the nearest bookshelf and Eleanor grabbed the first book that slid into her hand.

The beautiful picture-book had big, bold letters on the front saying ‘Choices!’
‘ Choices?’ Eleanor muttered slowly.
They slowly turned the old decayed page. There was a beautiful scene of tropical forests, dangerous mountains, busy cities and beach huts all from birds eye view. The text said:

‘Where would YOU live?
Whatever YOUR choices I will give.

Once for a day.
Twice for a week.
Three times for the rest of your life


‘ What does that mean?’ Isabella asked
‘ I dont know but it sounds creepy!’ Eleanor answered
‘ Oh well lets choose where we’d live!’ Isabella replied
Suddenly something caught Isabella’s eye on the page. A silky, crystle cloud!
‘ Clouds,’ Isabella exclaimed. ‘ Lets live in the clouds!’
All of a sudden, there was a great big flash of light. The girls screamed. There was a BANG CRASH WHOOSH. THE LIGHT GOT BRIGHTER, BRIGHTER, BRIGHTER…



Isabella woke with a startle. She was somewhere white, very white. The ground was soft, not like snow, but some kind of woolen fluff. She awoke Eleanor.

‘ Were not-‘ Eleanor mumbled

‘ I-I think we are.’ She added

‘ C-c-clouds.’ they symltaniously whispered, staring at the crystle clouds below their feet.




Thanks for reading! As you’ve read, it’s not quite finished yet but if you want to read the final story the I will try to post it on our year 6 blog in a few weeks. By Eleanor. B

First News said “Will sea cities save the world?”

COULD cities that float on the sea be the answer to the threat of flooding and provide food for the world?

Can sea cities save the worldSome peopel think so. The idea is already being tested and they believe that floating cities will make more homes for a growing population, without having to use land needed to grow food. And they believe floating citys will enable more food to be grown, so that no-one in the world is hungry.I think this is a good ider and it could work.

what do you think. (say what you think in the comments below)

The scary (not) story x

It was a breezy Wednesday here in Bradwell, Elise, Grace and I (Georgia) were dawdling lazily to school but as we were half way and a cold shiver traveled down my spine… when we got to school we were seeing circle shaped shadows were everywhere we were very scared . At lunchtime we were in the cloakroom and we heard a bang coming from the girls toilet so we slowly opened the door and it was…………………………………………………………Wilson the football !”ummm privacy please,” explained Wilson “AHHHHH” we screamed. We figured out, it was wilson rolling down my spine, banging on doors so hard he bounced off and landed in the toilets!!! Wilson was the new kid or in this case the new football he sat on our table and everything together he came to all of our birthday sleepovers we had to help him up the stairs we became best friends and skipped home happily in the sunshine.






Hello, Georgia again! Just saying that me, Millie and Elise are celebrating lent! I’m giving up lollipops (I’ve got a massive jar of them also I absolutely loove them!!)
Elise is giving up pasta ( she eats it just about every day!!) And finally Millie is giving up chocolate (I’m surprised she didn’t give a valentines card to it!!)

So I was just asking if anyone else is celebrating lent, what are you giving up, and why?


By Georgia

Sportshall athletics

I got home at about 7pm this evening after attending the East Norfolk Schools Indoor Athletics Final. It has been a long day and I am glad to be home but am very proud of the children who represented Hillside this afternoon. It was a very tough final with Moorlands, Edward Worlledge, Ormesby and Cliff Park in attendance at Lynn Grove. We arrived here after winning our semi-final in November with Moorlands from our competition finishing as best runners-up across the four semi-final competitions.

When I woke up this morning I must admit I was confident that we could win or come close to winning and to be honest was getting excited that we may get the opportunity to represent East Norfolk in the Winter Games tournament in March in Norwich. However, it was not to be our night tonight and we came up against some excellent opposition.

A few illnesses and injuries weakened us a little but the athletes who went more than made up for this and worked their hardest, often being put in for races at the shortest notice.

Hannah couldn’t be with us tonight due to illness so Jodie did a great job filling in for her in the dreaded Paarlauf race which is made up of 6 laps raced in pairs. Hannah W came in to make her debut and was obstructed in her first race but finished with pride. Unfortunately, she didn’t get the place she deserved. Toby took Taylor’s place in the boys Paarlauf and ran a great race with Josh on very short notice. Georgia jumped in to the obstacle race after ‘rolly-polly-gate’ filling in for Emily who was insistent that she couldn’t do a rolly-polly, even though she did one in the semi-final! Max ran well following his illness, you wouldn’t have known that he had been off school for a week.

I could go on to mention everybody but I would like to say I am incredibly proud of all the athletes and thankful to all the parents for their support they give in all the sporting events we undertake.

There is no need to be disappointed with fifth place tonight as it is fifth place out of around 20 schools in East Norfolk. Ormesby deserved their win today but we will be back next year and ready to go again. Despite some dodgy refereeing and measuring and some less than desirable coaching by other parties, the children didn’t complain once, even though I did, and they were as gracious in defeat tonight as they were in victory when we won the semi-final as few months ago. Well done Hillside, we are all proud of you.


CORRECTION: After a mistake in totalling the scores it transpires that we actually came forth!

Cloud houses!

The other day, me (Eleanor) and Isabella were reading a book called ‘ You Choose’. It is a book where you would live, what you would eat, what you would do, what job you would have and how you would dress. Basically you choose! Anyway on the first page, there’s a big scene with a tropical forest, a little town, a big city and lots of other places. Suddenly something took our eyes. A large, fluffy cloud!

‘ Whats wrong with living in the clouds?’  Isabella exclaimed

‘  Nothing! Lets live in the clouds!!!!!!!!!’ I (Eleanor) answered!

So ever since that we have been saying we live in the clouds.


                                       BY ELEANOR AND ISABELLA


100WC By Eleanor and Isabella

This is the 100 word challenge by Eleanor and Isabella.


It was pancake day again. Brings back memories… not good ones. It was when… when the accident happened. I was 5 years old. I cant even think about it… It was after school, when my mum started flipping the pancakes. I still see it now… Mum flipped the pancake up but it was not ready. BIG MISTAKE. I can still hear the flipping. THE SCREAMING! It came back down, sizzling, sizzling…… Mum was ready to catch it, but it landed on the floor. She stepped forward onto the sizzling sensation. The slip. I can hear it now. The crack, the scream…

“The one wish” Lena 4TF Shrewsbury International school

My mum told me a story so I have written it in my own words it is called “The one wish”

Once there was a man called Tony who had a wife, two daughters and a son and they had a very happy life because Tony’s son and daughter’s are the best in their class. The one fortunate day when Tony was relaxing on the comfortable sofa, he saw a light like god flying down towards him and said to Tony “You have been good through your whole life, I would like to grant you a wish” Then Tony replied ” I would like to be an Immortal” Then the light asked “Are you sure?”So Tony replied “Yes!?”Then he spoke out some kind off words that will make the wish come true.  Then sixty years later his wife then died but Tony was still young and handsome, at the same time his kids were already married so Tony had to find a new wife but then his SECOND wife died leaving her child with Tony. Then not many years after that his beloved kids died when  they were 85, then after that day he had no one with him because his loved one is gone to happiness. Then he lied on the sofa the exact same action as he did when he had the wish granted then his tears started to fill his eyes and then he sobbed ” I was sorry, I wanted live forever and … and I thought happiness was to never die and to keep my eyes open and see the world forever … I AM SORRY. Please give me a chance to return the wish to you” Then a light flew down from the chandelier brighter than the sun but the man didn’t try to block the light away he felt delighted and smiled like he never did then the light came flying down in front of Tony and asked “Have you learned your mistake Tony” ” Yes … I … Uh I ..I was greedy” He replied happily. Then he said “I want you to take my wish back, the wish that I said without thinking” “That would be pleasure to take the wish back” Then the light of god made a low mumbling song like some kind of praying script to turn away the wish. Then after that day the man still have to live until he die but after what happen Tony never be greedy again.

This story teaches you not to be greedy (You cannot change what you have done if you already do it if it is a big happening)

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The blue crystal orb By:T.Y 4JM SHB school

have you ever wondered what life would be like if you found something that people say is mystery?I have!There was a legend a myth a mystery!It’s about an orb,a crystal orb!They say it’s mystery,but I think that it’s real!Many have tried to find it but have failed.No one has succeeded,they say the map is on a tree from heaven!Some say it’s not real,but I believe it is.There’s a riddle,they use to say was the clue to find the orb,but many have tried and many have failed.The riddle is “A tree from heaven but somewhere on earth.A crystal ball that never brakes,will grow a plant that will last forvever!Thou ever shall finds the ball will become true!I still believe the riddle is a clue.One dark noght as dark as space and the moon was full I packed my bag!Tiptoed down the stairs and wnet into kitchen then crept out of the house!Day and night I search for that orb,but I couldn’t find it.As the days past on and hope sank down I started to end my beleive of the orb…But suddenly!I saw sometihng glowing in the distance!I was at a field so no one could see me and the glow.As I got closer to it,it looked as if it was getting smaller and smaller every time I took a step!Then I saw it! It was the map just below the tree!The first part of the riddle is solved!It was called the tree of heaven because it has been standing there on that spot for a century,and people say that the gods sent this tree to tell people to live life as it should be.

Now I need to follow the map.For days I searched but still nothing!But I still have hope.Then on one bright and sunny day the map ended!I stopped!And I saw right in front of me a cave!I couldn’t follow the map anymore because that’s all the directions it had!But I still went in!A while later I found a blue crystal glow!So I went closer and closer in!And there it was the orb!Peace and harmony sprouted across the world and that’s the end the riddle.The plant is the peace and harmony and the orb is the never ending ball.THE END!

My 100wc …out of the blue…-Pam 4TF

One night there was a boy called Jack. He was a boy who had 3 eyes was sleeping with his . Out of the blue a yellow shiny sun came out from the light blue sky. Every one was scared because they think there is some thing went wrong, but Jack was very brave to go closer and closer and closer. Until the sun burst out. Jack was now very scared he came to his home and he called his Mum to come with him. But at last he went home and eat his delicious dinner, but it was Jacks scary dreams!!!


Pam 4TF


My 100wc

4TF Sumit All About Me!



My Name is Sumit and I’m 9 years old. I’m in Year 4 (Grade 3) and I am in Mr Foster’s Class! We call ourselves 4TF! My favourite colour is blue. I love Football and my favourite subject is ICT (Computer.) I am very good at computers and I am also good in Science! My Birthday is on the 4th December 2003. I am from Bangkok, Thailand and it is very hot here.

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From Sumit

All about Natural Disaters by Choo Choo 4TF

Hello, my name is choochoo.

An natural diaster is an natural things like the forest is going bad because of the earth. A Volcano erupted because under the earth have a magma which is a very hot things fills up the volcano and finally erupted. For the tsunami it is the big wave happen in sudden at the sea in a height. It is caused because we have an earthquake under the sea or and hurricane or an volcano erupted at the ring of fire or at the middle of the sea. It causes an tsunami. How earthquakes happened? Earthquakes happened because under the earth it is moving hardly together. If we do not feel it there could be happen in sudden or you don’t feel it for the whole time. A hurricane caused First they start very small at the middle of the ocean. They travel 130 miles per hour. There could be three way happened the hurricane.First the warm water rise up from the sea forming an small cloud. It get rain and more heats goes up to the air formed thunder cloud. This pulls windup to the thunderstorm an more thunder storm. It becomes giant and they spins clockwise way. They starts to spins up quickly and they move around near the the country and they pushes winds causes an hurricane.


“The angel in dreams” Lena 4TF Shrewsbury International School

I have written a story it is called “The angel in dreams”

One day a little girl called Rachael she has a sister who always tease her. Then one day she went for a walk in a forest near her house but the forest wasn’t scary it was full off birds and butterflies. But today she went deep into the forest than ever and it started to turn dark, at first she was going to turn around but their is something whispering in her head.  The voice was a low calm but scary whisper so she walked like she had got hypnotized in to the forest.  Then it started to turn black but one second after that she saw a tiny dot of light so she ran to it and it started getting bigger and bigger. Then … she saw strings off vine hanging down like door wanting her to get in so she went through the thick vine and saw … a glamorous waterfall falling down like it started falling from heaven and butterflies flying towards her and flying towards the waterfall like an angel. But then she stopped smiling and saw a real angel in front of her but she looked exactly like her mom, then the angel hugged Rachael and said “Rachael I love you.” Suddenly Rachael moved backward and another step then she ran back to her house and told her sister but her sister just replied “Nonsense.” Then she went to sleep and saw the angel … but only in her dreams. Then on the next day she woke up and told her mother “I saw an angel in my dream.” Then Rachael’s mother smiled and chuckled “I saw you … in your dream darling.”

Lena Shrewsbury International School

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The Secret Agent By Minmin 4TF shrewsbury international school

In a small cave there was a man who was a secret agent nobody in the entire colossal world, He was a very fast runner even faster than a leopard and nobody has ever notice him. One day he was walking down the streets quickly and he heard a sound, he peeked slowly without a sound, he saw a humongous, scary man he was burring something but in  sudden he disappeared. The secret agent followed his guts where he thought the man went and then he saw a key he picked it up then the key pulled him to a portal the key kept on pulling him it seem like the key wanted the secret agent to go through the portal and the agent did! “What is this! WOW a palace, no why is the key pulling me again!!!”yelled the agent, The key went directly through the lock perfectly “WOW a perfect fit, lets unlocked it”whispered the agent, He went through the door he peeked through because he heard another noise “well done man”told a king and then the scary man walked  the way the agent was so he ate a little medicine to make him invisible. The agent grab the king but the king couldn’t see him and the agent went through the portal again and when he went backed to his country he saw newspaper report and police saving the person who got buried and then the agent made himself visible and then news reporter came and asked “is this the man who buried  the president?” “yes he is”told the agent proudly and then the police came and begged the agent to become a police man and the agent respond “yes” and now the secret agent became a handsome, rich , famous police and he save lots of people and he earned lots and lots of huge trophies, so he lived happily ever after

Lena 4TF shrewsbury International school “The sapphire sea”

I made this story it is called the sapphire sea

There is a land that no human has discovered, this secretive land is underneath the sapphire blue sea it is called Atlantis.  First it was above the sapphire blue sea but then a devastating tsunami covered it and then 3 months later one person opened his eye and realized he can breath underwater and he had a tail, they called themselves merpeople. Then everyone started opening their eyes slowly and honored the first man as the king, he was called  Poseidon. Then Poseidon started to build schools for the merchildren,  four office for workers, one for cameras, one for furnitures, another for convenience store, and the last one for stationary and books.  There also toy shops and fanfare for merchildren to entertain themselves.  The city off Atlantis was very busy because the road was filled with mermaid, mermen, mercat, merdog and other merpets. The city was marvellous not because of the kind people or the building but because it was under ‘The sapphire sea’


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