All about life in Year 4 by Meme

Last year I was in Ms.Mac in Year 3. I have had a good time with my friends but this year when I am in Year 4 I have more excited time with my new friends and teachers. We made lots of our long team projects. My first project was the Iron Man, Titanic and Rescue helper. I still searching some informations about news around the world about floods. We had a spacial chance to talk to the people who work as a Rescue people. He came to visit us last week and I was interested in this job. He shared us with a video that he safe the people who were stuck in their house and been waiting for help.
Finally I think Thailand is very lucky that we have people who love to volunteer and love to help other people I would like to thank to those who spend some time of their life to do a very hard job. Fantastic!
By: MeMe 4TF

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