Hello from Year 4 Shrewsbury International School Bangkok

Dear The World,

Hello from Shrewsbury International School in Bangkok, Thailand. We are excited to be blogging and we are learning about Natural Disasters this half term. We are in Mr Foster’s class and we are called 4TF. There are 4 other classes in our Year. Maybe they will post too.

We are going to post lots of work about ourselves. we will talk about our learning, showing some of the things we are doing. We have special events this week such as Chinese New Year and Sports day which we can write about. We might talk about our hobbies and write about what we do outside school, including our pets. You may see our 100WC here and some Google docs forms. We are presenting our long term homework which may also appear here. Some children might want to write some stories using their imagination. Finally, we could include some quizzes and instructions on how to make paper airplanes.



From 4TF

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