The Forest Dream By Minmin 4TF Shrewsbury international school Bangkok

In a beautiful, small, wonderful cottage there lived a girl called Alice her she lived with kind and caring grandmother. One day Alice asked herĀ GrandmotherĀ “Can I go play catch with my friends grandma” Her grandmother reply “Yes dear, but don’t go to close to the forest” “yes grandma” shouted Alice. The ball went very very far it landed in the forest “Go and get the ball Alice we don’t have all they to play catch” yelled Alice’s friend “Well, just a sprint to the forest won’t hurt anyone” whispered Alice. She ran and then she saw the ball but her eyes were caught on a beautiful, colossal house, Alice forgot all about what her granny told her she walked inside the building but then she saw a green, disgusting room, then a witch came but Alice couldn’t see her,the witch frozen Alice but then her granny came and she had wings like a fairy she used spells to kill the witch, At last victory was with granny. “huh, what happen where am i, Granny!!” cried Alice and then she told everything about her dream.

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