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My name is Pam. I am nine years old. Last year I was in Ms Mac class. Now I am in year four Mr Foster class. When I start year four I was very excited. I meet new friends too! My hobbies are Swimming Piano and Art. Last term we have made a long term project is Iron Man. This term long term project is Natural disasters. We have to make a book about natural disasters.


Last few weeks we made a comic. Here are some pictures.

We also make a 100wc. Here is some writings.

Once their live a girl called Alice, she found a special key on the green grass.The key did not lock anything, but when we close Alice eyes it will turn into a wonderful land.One day Alice was in the park she tried to close her eyes and it work she was in the wonderland. At wonderland she saw a pretty bird it was the most pretty bird she loved the bird so she take it to her home but she could not find her home because she is in wonderland. At last she found the key and went back home.

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One thought on “All about me Pam 4TF SHB

  1. Hello Pam,

    I saw a link to your post on “Pass the Blog” and thought I would drop in to see what was happening. I am also a keen blogger and blog commenter.

    Your “About Me” is a good introduction for a reader. I can see you have been careful to share general information only. This is an important safety issue when on the internet.

    Your “What is a volcano?” comic is very well done and about an interest of mine. I have been on the slopes of smouldering volcanoes, seen lava flows in Hawaii, and been in a deep volcanic crater in New Zealand. Volcanoes are a sign we have an active world under our feet. It’s that activity which has helped to make our world suitable for life.

    As a member of Team 100WC, it’s always good to see someone telling others about the writing tasks. Perhaps one of your entries will be in the group I check in a future challenge. I can see, by your 100WC entry, you made good use of the recent prompt showing a shiny key on the grass. Well done! 🙂

    @RossMannell (Team 100WC)
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

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