Melody Hugenss2!The tree By T.Y 4JM SHB

I was playing a wonderful tune on the piano.But then I stopped.I was bored.I looked out to the window and stared at my beautiful garden.”Trees,”I said.So green and so great,”I claimed.I walked outside and to my garden.”Hey!What’s that,”I asked my self staring into a hollow hole in a tree.Imediately I heard a sound!It was quite faint.It said “Summon great lord Allendia from the dead metry of the Latinian people.”It repeated twice then suddenly it stopped!WHOA!OOOOFF!I fell into the hole!The hole was seemed rather small for me to fall in,it but some how I did!I was sitting on a floor in at yet another hollow thing,but this time it was a room!”HOW!HOW!HOW,”I exclaimed.”How on earth did I fall into a small hole and end up in a room!I asked loudly.This must be a dream!I thought.Yet again I heard a noise coming from a rather large door at the end of the room!”

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