The Key – By Yam 4TF Shrewsbury International School Bangkok

This story is called The key

There was once a girl called Lucy, she lived with her mother and father in a small but cosy cottage. She had no brothers or sisters. When she had nothing to do she would take a walk through the meadows nearby. One day, while she was strolling through the meadows humming a tune, something caught her eye. She walked towards it. It was a key! It seemed to sparkle in the sunlight but at the same time it was rusty and didn’t seem new at all. Lucy looked around to see if anybody had dropped it and was still nearby. But there was no one. She decided to leave it where it was but she couldn’t, there seemed to be a force that made her hand reach out and grab the key. She decided that she would find the owner because she could not put the key back where it was. She walked and walked but found not even a single person. She sighed, and thought when would she find the owner? A ┬ácastle approached, it seemed to shine but it did not sparkle. Lucy decided to go inside and see if there was anyone who could help her find the owner of the key. When she was inside the castle, she found out that the castle had only one floor even though it looked like it had many floors. It was deserted but there was a key in the middle of the room, it looked exactly like the one she was holding. She touched it cautiously but nothing happened so she put the key she had found in the meadow next to it. At once she disappeared. Her mother and father wept again and again but, Lucy never came back.

The end

By: Yam

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