The Park [By Narissa 4JM]

One day I was reading a book and I got bored so I went and asked my dad if we could go to the park. At first he said no but after I begged him he finally said yes!  After I got in the car the my dad brought our bikes and we hurried and drove to the park together. When we got there we got our bikes out and drove to the front of the park. At the front it was cool. It was all decorated for Chinese new year even though there were still two weeks to come. As we drove around the park I saw a butterfly room. I asked my dad if we could go inside and he said yes so we went inside. As soon as we got in  there were at least 100 butterflies! They were all different colors and sizes. I finally left and started riding bikes with my dad again. Next I saw a bunny hopping in front of me I stopped my bike but the bunny ran away. Then I saw a grasshopper on a leaf. My dad picked it up and let me see it. I touched it but then it ran away again. Another animal ran away from me. When we went home I told my mom all about the trip and then we had dinner.

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