“The angel in dreams” Lena 4TF Shrewsbury International School

I have written a story it is called “The angel in dreams”

One day a little girl called Rachael she has a sister who always tease her. Then one day she went for a walk in a forest near her house but the forest wasn’t scary it was full off birds and butterflies. But today she went deep into the forest than ever and it started to turn dark, at first she was going to turn around but their is something whispering in her head.  The voice was a low calm but scary whisper so she walked like she had got hypnotized in to the forest.  Then it started to turn black but one second after that she saw a tiny dot of light so she ran to it and it started getting bigger and bigger. Then … she saw strings off vine hanging down like door wanting her to get in so she went through the thick vine and saw … a glamorous waterfall falling down like it started falling from heaven and butterflies flying towards her and flying towards the waterfall like an angel. But then she stopped smiling and saw a real angel in front of her but she looked exactly like her mom, then the angel hugged Rachael and said “Rachael I love you.” Suddenly Rachael moved backward and another step then she ran back to her house and told her sister but her sister just replied “Nonsense.” Then she went to sleep and saw the angel … but only in her dreams. Then on the next day she woke up and told her mother “I saw an angel in my dream.” Then Rachael’s mother smiled and chuckled “I saw you … in your dream darling.”

Lena Shrewsbury International School

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