The Secret Agent By Minmin 4TF shrewsbury international school

In a small cave there was a man who was a secret agent nobody in the entire colossal world, He was a very fast runner even faster than a leopard and nobody has ever notice him. One day he was walking down the streets quickly and he heard a sound, he peeked slowly without a sound, he saw a humongous, scary man he was burring something but in  sudden he disappeared. The secret agent followed his guts where he thought the man went and then he saw a key he picked it up then the key pulled him to a portal the key kept on pulling him it seem like the key wanted the secret agent to go through the portal and the agent did! “What is this! WOW a palace, no why is the key pulling me again!!!”yelled the agent, The key went directly through the lock perfectly “WOW a perfect fit, lets unlocked it”whispered the agent, He went through the door he peeked through because he heard another noise “well done man”told a king and then the scary man walked  the way the agent was so he ate a little medicine to make him invisible. The agent grab the king but the king couldn’t see him and the agent went through the portal again and when he went backed to his country he saw newspaper report and police saving the person who got buried and then the agent made himself visible and then news reporter came and asked “is this the man who buried  the president?” “yes he is”told the agent proudly and then the police came and begged the agent to become a police man and the agent respond “yes” and now the secret agent became a handsome, rich , famous police and he save lots of people and he earned lots and lots of huge trophies, so he lived happily ever after

One thought on “The Secret Agent By Minmin 4TF shrewsbury international school

  1. Dear Minmin

    Your story was very fun but I do not understand the part that said that who was a secret agent in the entire colossal world and you forgot a full stop at the end of the story.

    From Lena

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